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MACS 2014 Fall Swim Meet October 17-19


MACS will have 125 swimmers of the 800 swimmers at our MACS Meet! That means we should have plenty of volunteers to fill all the volunteer jobs!

Everyone always tells us not to worry that parents will step up, but we do worry and stress out until all the duties are covered! It is hard to watch the same group of core volunteers work all 7 sessions of the meet! We hate to start nagging but we really need you to take action and Click  HERE NOW to sign up to volunteer! 

We expect all families to volunteer fully. Relatives, friends and teens are more than welcome to volunteer. Honestly most people end up enjoying it once they are there! Don’t worry we will train you to do any of the jobs at the meet!

Although we have lots of duties open our biggest need is for TIMERS!

We still need:

Sat 7-10:30 am - 6 Timers needed

Sat 10:30-1:30 -12 Timers needed

Sat 2:15pm-end- 17 Timers needed!!!!!!

Sun 7-10:30- 13 Timers needed

Sun 10:30-1:30-12 Timers needed

Sun 2:15- end- 14 Timers needed

We also need Safety Vest Wearers for almost ALL the sessions! (This is an easy job. Great for people who don’t like to sit still)

Need a few more volunteers in concessions and a person to pick up some food at a nearby restaurant.

Coach Andy always expects the older swimmers to stay to clean up on Sunday!

If you have any questions about volunteering for the meet email Susan Bobka at[email protected]

MACS Meet Food Donations!

Food donations are needed to feed the coaches/ officials and volunteers and for Concessions. Please click  HERE to sign up for the items you are able to donate. Anything that will not spoil can be brought in advance to Pier Point Pool.

Still looking for someone to volunteer to make 30 Breakfast Burritos for Saturday and Sunday morning! (We will even pay for your ingredients if needed!)


Thanks in advance for volunteering at as many sessions as humanly possible! We can’t run a meet without officials and as the hosting team we are really expected to be there in force! As usual you will be well fed and very appreciated.

We are always in need of officials! If you are not yet an official and are interested in becoming one please contact Susan Bobka or any officials! We will be hosting a training sessions in November and would welcome you!

MACS Meet Program Ads

Another fundraising opportunity! Although time is running out we still have ad space left for the program. You receive 100% of any program ad sold toward your fundraising obligation. If you are interested in selling an ad or placing an ad for your own business contact Don Waite at [email protected]

 Next order placed Thursday October 16

You can buy gift cards to any of your favorite restaurants or retailers through MACS and a percentage is sent to MACS and will be credited to your fundraising account. There is no additional expense over the gift card face value.  If you are going to spend the money anyway, why not check out the Great Lakes Scrip website for a list of the participating retailers:  Please contact Mary Lou Waite for more information. Remember this is a great way to take care of teachers, friend, and colleagues around the holidays.  Click here to visit the team SCRIP page. Next order will be placed Thursday October 16!

Butter Braids
Volunteer Needed

MACS usually offers families an opportunity to sell Butter Braids around Thanksgiving but we need a volunteer to coordinate the sale. (This is a really easy volunteer job!) Butterbraids sell themselves around the holidays so this is another great fundraising opportunity. Each Butter Braid sold gives you $5 credit toward your fundraising account! Please contact Mary Lou Waite at [email protected]  if you are willing to coordinate this. If we do not get a volunteer we will not be able to offer this opportunity.  


Thanks in advance for all your help and support!

Susan Bobka, MACS Parent Volunteer