Team Fundraising

MACS families will be billed monthly for their fundraising requirement.  Billing will begin with the October monthly billing period and end with the July monthly billing period (10 total billings).

The family monthly fundraising requirement is calculated by using the highest group level swimmer in that family.  MACS will track all fundraising dollars. The fundraising requirement for each group will be evaluated every quarter to allow for changes due to the team’s financial needs


The MACS practice groups have the following monthly fundraising commitments:

Group Monthly Fundraising
Mini Macs $25/month
Group 1 $25/month
Group 2 $25/month
Groups 3 &4


Senior 3 $25/month
Senior 5 $80/month
Sectional $80/month

The following are the main fundraisers that MACS has in place to help you offset your monthly fundraising fee.  These are optional resources that are available but not required.


You buy gift cards to any of your favorite restaurants or retailers and a percentage is sent to MACS.  There is no additional expense over the gift card face value.  If you are going to spend the money anyway, why not have a percentage go to the team and toward your commitment?  Check out the Great Lakes Scrip website for a list of the participating retailers:  Please contact Margaret Baker for more information. Watch for emails reminding the team when the orders will be placed.  Remember this is a great way to take care of teachers, friend, and colleagues around the holidays. Click here to visit the team RAISERIGHT page. Once on the page click the sign up button and then join a program.  Enrollment code needed.  Please contact Margaret Baker for the code.

King Soopers Cards

You can now link your King Soopers loyalty card to benefit MACS and your fundraising account.  Please go to the King Soopers website under Community Rewards and search for MACS Swim Team.  The rewards are paid quarterly.  Please contact Margaret Baker for more information

Butter Braids

Sold around Thanksgiving, each Butter Braid item sold pays 40 percent of that item's cost to your fundraising account.  Swimmers will have 2-3 weeks to sell Butter Braids and then turn in their order forms along with payment. A pickup date will be scheduled for swimmers to pick up the Butter Braids.



MACS offers fundraising incentives to families once a parent/guardian is a trained official.  We can provide information on the classes that are needed and the time involved.  For families with swimmers in MM, Group 1, Group 2 and Senior Green receive a $25 per month fundraising credit.  For families with swimmers in Groups 3 and 4, Senior Blue and Sectionals, a $40 per month credit is given.  We are happy to provide more information to those who are interested, please contact Melissa Doell at [email protected]

Corporate Matching

Make a donation to MACS and have your corporation match the funds if you work for a company that matches. Your donation goes to your child's fundraising at 100% and the corporate match from the company will be credited at 50% to your child's fundraising account.  MACS will provide the paperwork verifying that MACS is a 501(c)(3) organization.


Example: You donate $100 to MACs ( $100 goes to your child's fundraising account). Company A who you work for, matches your $100 donation ( you get $50 in your child's fundraising account and MACs gets $50 in MACs emergency fund account for maintence/upkeep on the pool MACs owns).