The Montrose Marlins Policy Handbook

USA Swimming Regulations
The Montrose Marlins adheres to all USA Swimming Regulations and requires all athletes, coaches, families, and volunteers to sign Codes of Conduct, Travel Policy, and Medical Release once annually.
Swimming Fees
All Marlins pay fees every month, even during months when they are not swimming. All the breaks for holidays and seasonal breaks were taken into account when figuring out the monthly fee. Fees are billed one month in advance.
Pro-ration of Fees
Monthly fees will not be pro-rated.
Multi-child Discount
If you have more than one swimmer in the water you qualify for a multi-child discount. The second and third (and so on) swimmers receive a 10% discount in dues. This discount is computed on a monthly basis. The most expensive swimmer will be charged the full amount, the rest will be discounted. This does not apply to Masters swimmers.

Meet Fees

Meet fees must be paid in full prior to your swimmer/s being entered into meets.

When do I need to pay?

All charges incurred by your family are due by the last day of each month, one month in advance (for example - dues for December are due by November 30th). All meet fees must be paid in advance of the meet. This is taken care of online when you register your swimmer for the meet.

Overdue accounts

The Marlins expect payment within 30 days of invoicing. We are a private non-profit organization and are responsible for coach’s salaries, travel expenses, equipment purchases, and many other items to run the team. Effective January 1, 2013, if your family invoice includes any amount past 60 days, your swimmer(s) will not be allowed into the pool until the balance is paid. If this situation occurs you and your child(ren)’s coach(es) will be notified.

Yearly Registration with Colorado Swimming, Inc. (CSI)
All swimmers must register with CSI before they can practice or compete. Registering with CSI buys liability insurance for both the swimmer and the team. There are two types of registration: year-round and seasonal. The year-round registration period is from January 1 through December 31 of each year. The summer season runs from April 1 through August 30. Re-registration for summer swimmers must happen before they come back to practice in September. This registration will be at the year round rate and will be good until the December of the next year. For example, if you re-register in September 2010, your registration will be current until December 2011. Re-registration for year-round swimmers must be done before December 31 of the current year. You can start re-registering as early as September .
*Please note that CSI fees are NOT refundable. The Marlins have to pay to have each swimmer registered, and the Marlin are not reimbursed. Because of this, the Marlins do not reimburse CSI registrations.
Outreach Membership Program
The Outreach Membership Program offers qualified athletes the opportunity to become a USA Swimming member for the national fee of $5.00 per year. Policy for Outreach Membership in Colorado – Athletes must qualify for the reduced or free lunch program at school. Athletes or parents must send proof of the reduced or free lunch program with application. If proof is not available parents should contact the school and have them send, on school letterhead, a statement to verify the swimmer is in the program to the CSI office. If swimmer does not attend public school they will need to supply a copy of their tax return to show they meet the current qualification for the lunch program with their application.
Our monthly dues cover our coaches’ salaries and benefits.  For our other expenses we will periodically offer fund-raising activities that we encourage families to participate in.  Some examples of how we spend our fund-raising monies include: fins, kick boards, breast stroke fins, underwater camera and associated equipment, office supplies, end-of-year gifts for coaches and swimmers.
Communication with parents
Our preferred method of communication is via the webpage and email. Please make sure we have your current email address, and make sure to check our webpage frequently, especially during the summer months. The address is: If you don’t have a computer or don’t like email, please make sure you let the team manager know and she will add you to her regular mailing list.
Sports breaks
We do not want to discourage children from trying other sports, in fact we encourage it. Our policy is as follows: Each swimmer is able to take two full months off without having to pay dues. After the two free months you have two options:

The first option is to pay the monthly fee to hold your swimmer’s spot.

The second option is to no longer pay the monthly fee. At that point your swimmer’s spot may be given to another swimmer.  If your child would like to return to swimming at a later date we will make every effort to get them back into the pool as soon as an opening is available in the appropriate group.

The team will require notification in writing of your plans so we know when your child will be gone. If your swimmer is gone for a month, we will make a good faith effort to contact you. If after that we still do not hear from you, your swimmer will be removed from the active roll.

This policy applies to all groups except for the senior group.
We bill all our swimmers one month in advance. For example, you will receive your bill for June at the beginning of May. The bills include monthly dues and any goggles or caps bought during the month. These bills will be sent via email.  Any balance overdue for more than 60 days will result in your swimmer remaining out of the water until the account is brought up to date.
All meet entry fees must be paid in advance of the meet. This is done online when you register your swimmer for the meet.  
Parental Responsibilities
The Marlins is a parent-run team. This means that besides fees and fund-raising and getting your kids to practice on time, there are other parental responsibilities as well. We need everyone’s help to keep the team healthy and vital. The following is a list of some of the things we ask of our parents:
  •  Volunteering at our home meets in July and November
  •  Donating food items for both meets
  •  Volunteering at the Western Slope Championship meets
  •  Timing at away meets
  • Participating in fund raisers
Note: Many teams do not have the luxury of a large parent base as we do. For that reason some teams depend on others to help with timing. We ask that you do occasionally volunteer to time at away meets.
We are always in need of officials. This is a great way to learn more about swimming and to be an active participant in your child’s chosen sport. Free clinics are offered periodically throughout the year. After learning the basics, you register with CSI (this cost is covered by the Marlins), and take an online test. Once you have your credentials you are required to work on deck with other officials for 20 hours to complete your training.  As an enticement, the team is offering the following ‘perk’ for our officials:
  • If you work 3 or more sessions at any meet, the team will refund meet entry fees for up to 2 of your children.
If you are interested in officiating or finding out more about it, please contact the team manager.