Warmups for the Mavs/Marlins Dual are at 9AM and the meet starts at 10AM. Bring extra towels & warm clothes while you're on deck. Drive safe!

Heat sheets for the Mavs/Marlins Dual this weekend can be found here.

Signups are available online for the Silver State, Senior State & Age Group Championship meets.   The deadlines to sign up online are as follows:  Silver State – February 14th, 2013 Senior State – February 14th, 2013 CO Age Group Championships – February 23rd, 2013 Note: A coach will be at every meet!

Psyche Sheets for the Dual meet can be found here.

Marlins in Ellen's Group: Practice will be cancelled on the following Fridays: Feb 1st, Feb 8th, March 1st and March 8th.

The Marlins need to provide 13 timers for the Dual meet with the Mavs on February 9th. This is a great way to see all the action up close! Please sign up to time here:

The deadline to sign up for the February 9th Marlins/Mavs Dual Meet is January 29th.  Also, there will likely be a time trial afterwards, so this is a great opportunity to get times.  To commit, please login to the website and declare your intention to go. The coaches will pick events for your swimmers. The cost per swimmer is $10. Please talk expressly with your child’s coach if they have a specific event that they are close in our upcoming championship season.  We would not want to miss any qualifying opportunities.

Marlins Parents I would like to take a moment to thank you for your involvement in this weekend’s meet. I am certain that we would agree that it was a long weekend of swimming. I recognize that the logic of a prelim/final meet could elude many, but here are a few wonderful things that happen: • Swimmer must take stock and reflect on their success/set back in the morning session and work to make improvements. It is immediate and not months down the road when they race again. • Swimmers...

MAValanche meet results: Overall results can be found here.  Individual Results can be found here

Psyche Sheets for the MAValanche can be seen here.