Gold is our top age group. Entrance into the Gold Group requires a higher level of year-round commitment for age group swimming. The responsibility for one's swimming is now shifting to the athlete's responsibility at this stage/level of swimming; continued focus on the aerobic side of workouts with increased intensity and duration; continuation of developing race skills and strategies; being a team player; self-responsibility; sportsmanship; importance of nutrition and the increased importance of dryland in the weekly schedule. Mastery of all strokes, turns, and starts.

Minimum Requirements

Age: 9-14, depending on skill

Attendance Standard + Practice Schedule

Attend a minimum of 14 practices per month. (Recommend 3-4 practices per week). Individuals must maintain commitment level (based on monthly attendance) to continue long-term in this group. Athletes should strive to participate in at least three meets during the winter season, and four during the summer season. Swimmers are expected to attend meets to the highest level they qualify.

Additional Information

Most children will stay in this group for 1-2 years. Swimmers are encouraged to compete and work toward swimming all strokes and distances and are working towards achieving silver state and state qualifying times. Advancement to the Junior Group will be based on the mental and physical maturity and passion necessary to handle the demands of senior/gold group This will be at the discretion of the coaching staff.