Marlins Group Descriptions and Guidelines

Age Group: Grades K-5th.  This group introduces elementary schoolers to competitive swimming. The group’s focus is developing solid basic skills (i.e. head and body position, balance in the water, breathing techniques), proficiency in the four competitive strokes, starts, turns and finishes, introduction to training, and race strategy and clock reading.  Through their efforts, swimmers gain confidence and pleasure in their growing abilities.  Practice Monday - Thursday (twice a week) 5-6pm. Competition is optional but encouraged after skills are mastered.

Advanced Age Group: Grades 3rd-8th*.  This group provides a place for younger swimmers (3rd to 5th graders) who have demonstrated proficiency in all four competitive strokes at a competition and middle school swimmers (6th to 8th graders) who are new to the sport or striving to reach the Elite group.  This group’s focus is improving stroke, start, turn, and finish technique, increasing speed and endurance, and sharing swimming experiences with teammates to develop a sense of camaraderie and team unity.  Practice Monday - Thursday 6-7pm. Competition is highly recommended. *May include highly skilled 2nd grade swimmers with Coach’s discretion.

Elite: Grades 6th-12th. This group provides a place for serious, competitive middle school swimmers who have demonstrated proficiency, speed and endurance by completing two test sets: 10 x 100 IM on the 2:00 interval and 5 X (100 Free, 75 Flutter kick without a board) on the 1:45 interval; and for high school swimmers of any skill level.  The focus of this group is continuing improvement of technique, increasing training intensity, preparing for higher level competition, and team leadership.  Practice Monday - Thursday 5-7pm. M,  Competition is required.