The Silver Group continues working on and refining all strokes. In addition, race and pace strategies are developed. Emphasis on stoke development, while introducing the basic concepts of conditioning; building increased endurance (first phases of training) with ongoing stroke work; continuation of learning how to race; self-responsibility; sportsmanship and introduction to dryland training.

Minimum Requirements

Swimmers should be able to swim a legal 100 IM and have a developing start and turn for group membership. Need to purchase a snorkel for practices. Ages: 7-13, depending on skill *The coaching staff reserves the right to make exceptions for the good of the individual athlete development. ***

Attendance Standard + Practice Schedule

Expectation of 75% practice attendance. (Recommend 3 practices per week). Athletes should strive to participate in at least three meets during the winter season, and four during the summer season. Swimmers are expected to attend meets to the highest level they qualify. 

Additional Information

Positive interaction with peers, and goal-oriented behavior will be stressed and eventually required before consideration to the Silver practice group. Most children will stay in this group from 1-2 years.

Advancement to the Gold Group will be based on

• Complete a 500 Free in a meet.

• Compete in the 200's of stroke in a meet.

• Willingness to compete in meets.

• Regular attendance at practice.

• Age and maturity of swimmer.

• Ability and willingness to train at the higher levels seen in the silver group.

The final decision will be at the discretion of the coaching staff.