The Zoomers practice group will orient the swimmer to the world of competitive swimming. The swimmers will be introduced to and receive instruction in the fundamentals of the four competitive strokes, along with basic introduction to starts and turns. Emphasis is on stoke development.

Minimum Requirements

Swimmer must be water safe and be able to swim one length of the pool. Ages 5-12. A child must have the emotional maturity to be independent of parent (s) &/or caretaker throughout the time allotted for the practice. They must be able to pay attention in a group setting.

Attendance Standard + Practice Schedule

Expectation: Able and willing to commit to attend two practices per week. Due to the on-going learning stroke progressions, the child should maintain weekly attendance throughout the duration of the season for maximum development and improvement. Attend home meets and meets close to home. Encouraged to attend away meets as recommended by coach.

Additional Information

Most children will stay in this group from 1-2 years. These are some of the skills that will be considered when deciding on group advanced to the Bronze group upon the ability to:

• Complete a 100 IM in a meet.

• Compete in the 100 Free and 50 Back in a meet.

• Willingness to compete in meets.

• Regular attendance at practice.

• Age and maturity of swimmer.

The final decision will be at the discretion of the coaching staff.