Team Suit and Gear

Suit Details. We have selected a Speedo suit which we believe has the best chance of fitting most swimmers comfortably. We have selected 3 styles for the girls and two style for the boys.

Younger girls often prefer a more modest thicker strapped suit. The 11&older swimmers start to look at the thinner strapped suit as their training increases, the suit rubs less on the arms and shoulders. The high school girls sometimes prefer the one with a skimpier back. Girls suits with logo run about $51-55.

The younger boys often prefer the jammer for more modesty. As the boys approach high school, some boys made the jump to the brief. These comments are just for reference and helping parents pick suits. Swimmers and parents should pick their suit based on what suit fits the best and make the swimmer feel most comfortable. Boy suits run about $37.00.

How to Order. All of our team orders will go through MI Sports. AT THIS TIME - ALL ORDERS MUST BE PLACED THROUGH THE PHONE - (800) 693-3539

  1. Follow this link:
  2. Select Montrose Marlins and our password is: Montrose
  3. Select the Team Suits Picture.
  4. If your swimmer is a boy – select either the Jammer or the Brief. Then also select the logo as an additional item. If you swimmer is a girl, select one of the following: Proback (thick straps), Flyback (thin straps), or The One – skimpier back. Then also select the logo as an additional item.
  5. If you know your swimmer’s suit size, you can complete the order. If you are unsure of a proper suit size, ask a coach about suit size.
  6. Checkout is like any on-line purchase.

If you rather talk to someone, please call MI Sports directly. They are a pleasure to work with and will take your order over the phone: (800) 693-3539. Just mention you are with the Montrose Marlins and you will be all set!

Other Team Gear

If you would to purchase other items, Warmups, Team Parkas and Team Backpacks can also be ordered from MI Sports. Below are pictures of the team gear.

Consider suit just for meets. The suit we have chosen is a nylon and lycra blend which is a very good quality suit. As with all suits, it will not last forever. If your swimmer is in the pool twice a week, the suit should last a while. If your swimmer is in the water more than that, swimmers might consider keeping their team suit just for meets and wear a long lasting suit for practice. We recommend the Speedo Endurance line.

Team Suit Not Required. This team suit is not required. We realize that swimming is an expensive sport and we never want to make it more expensive by adding more requirements. If a team suit is something that your swimmer really wants and finances are a problem, reach out to Marty at Speedo has given us a little money to help subsidize team suit purchases.