Cortez Water Dragons

The Cortez Water Dragons offer training and practice groups for swimmers of all ages and ability levels. Our goal is to offer an opportunity for swimmers at all levels to develop a life long commitment to swimming and fitness and to also offer ability-specific training for all competitive athletes that challenges them to develop their full competitive capacity. 

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The Splash group will introduce the swimmer to the world of swimming. Each swimmer will be coached in the basics of each of the four swimming strokes, starts and turns.  Attention will be given on technique and sportsmanship.



Swimmers  in this group should be able to swim a 50 back and a 50 free.  The attention will continue on the progress of the four swimming strokes, starts and turns.




Swimmers in this group are demonstrating proficiency in the four swimming strokes, as well as starts and turns.  These swimmers are working toward swimming at the silver level. 




These swimmers continue to improve their proficiency in all strokes as well as starts and turns. These swimmers are also developing pacing and race strategies and are learning the importance of conditioning.  




Depending on the athlete’s goals, this level of swimming may require a year round commitment with continued emphasis on mastery of stroke technique, starts, turns, pacing, and race strategy as well as nutrition and conditioning.  These athletes also are become more responsible for their own training.



This is the highest level of swimming offered to swimmers under 18 and is available only by coach invitation for those who swim at an elite level. Coaches will continuously asses swimmers to determine who is swimming at this level and will communicate with swimmers and parents regarding coaching/swimming opportunities accordingly.


Masters swimmers are all swimmers over the age of 18.  Coaches will work with swimmers at all levels, from very beginning - has never been in the water before, to highly skilled.