There are seven different groups that are a part of the Northglenn Fusion Swim Club: Blue, Silver, Black, Red, White, Elite and High School/Senior Prep.

·        Practices/workouts for Fusion Blue group is held Monday and Wednesdays from 5pm to 6:30pm and Fridays from 5:15pm to 6:30pm.

·        Practices/workouts for the other Fusion groups (Silver, Black, Red, White and Elite) are held Monday through Friday from 6:30PM to 9PM. Depending on the group selected for your swimmer; they will swim one hour and 30 minutes up to a 2 hours for a practice.

Each of our swim groups are divided by age, ability, commitment, and understanding of competitive swimming. Within each of the swim groups, swimmers will be grouped with other swimmers of their same abilities to further challenge each and every swimmer as well as help to improve their overall skills.

It is ultimately up to coach discretion on whether or not a swimmer will move groups. Questions are always welcome as to what exactly a coach is looking for in each group; the group description table located on the following page is also a good resource.

There are specific requirements and guidelines for each and every group that will help progress each swimmer to the best of their ability. Swimmers who follow the requirements and guidelines will reap the highest rewards.

The Fusion Blue group has three days out of the week they are given to attend, Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Attendance is not mandatory but expected.

The days that a Silver, Black, Red, White or Elite swimmer may attend are open to the decision of the parents and swimmers; however, there is a minimum of 60% practice attendance per month for each group with expectations of 70-90% attendance depending on the group.

We do not discourage the participation of our swimmers in other extracurricular activities outside of Northglenn Fusion. We do want to emphasize that swimming is a dedication sport and those that want to achieve results will need to be thoroughly dedicated in order for that to happen. If attendance becomes a problem, the swimmer will be expected to up their attendance for the next month. If it becomes a continual problem, the swimmer will be moved down a swim group and a conference will be held with the swimmer and their parents to see how best to proceed.

We encourage parents to always be there to support and be a positive influence on their swimmer. If, however, the presence of a parent becomes a distraction for the swimmer, the parent will be notified. Please also remember that during practice hours, the coaches are there for the swimmers. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please contact the coaches by email or phone or wait until before or after practice times.


Please refer to the "Selection of Groups" tab to view more information on our Group Promotions and the "Group Descriptions" for more detailed information about each Fusion group.