The Mission of the Colorado Dolphins to prepare our athletes for happy and healthy lives by providing a safe, healthy and positive environment in which our athletes have fun and learn to love and respect our sport.  

- Swim in Groups or Families called PODS
- Are extremely intelligent, friendly, and take care of each other (like a Team)
- Are among the fastest and most graceful animals in the water!!
- … and the Dolphin Kick is the single most important skill in competitive swimming!


      900 Jimmy Camp Road
      Fountain, CO   80817
      United States

      Ages:   5 - 18 years old

      Gender:   Coed


The Dolphins are one of the most affordable youth sports/swim programs in the community. 
Referral bonus awards are available for bringing is new Dolphins. 
Discounts for current Military & FFC8 students.

​The Dolphins are members of:​

USA Swimming / Colorado Swimming LSC.  

USA Swimming (USA-S)

​Each Dolphin on the Swim Team (Flippers, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Dolphins) must join USA Swimming directly at the link provided.  The required USA Swimming membership gives each Swim Team Dolphin liability and secondary medical coverage, AND access to competition at USA Swimming meets, more swimmers to compete with, and in a more regulated environment under the same rules as the Olympics.  USA Swimming membership only provides access to meets.  Each meet host then charges additional "entry fees" to participate in their meet.  The membership fees below do not county towards a host club's "entry fees." 

Athetes can choose between two levels of membership:

Premium Membership = $80/year/athlete (Sept, current year thru Dec, next year)

Gives access to an unlimited # of USA Swimming meets

Flex Membership = $30/year/athlete - 12&Under Only (Sept, current year thru Dec, next year)

Limits access to 2 USA Swimming meets per year; upgradeable to Premium at any time

Colorado Athletic League (CAL)

​ALL Dolphins are automatically registered as members of the CAL for insurance purposes.  This will also allow participation in CAL sanctioned competitions (swim meets, etc).  CAL meets will be the perfect introduction and learning experience for our beginning groups. Flippers, Bronze Tails, and Silver Tails will gain experience and confidence racing in these meets.  Gold Tails and Dolphins will have fun racing and leading their younger Dolphins teammates.