2020 Pool & Hot Tub Alliance "Excellent Candidate Instructor Recogntion" Award


Swimming, coaching, and clinics have taken Coach Dillon to: 

  • 6 continents

  • 35 countries 

  • And 49 of the 50 U.S. states

Coach Dillon’s vast experience allows him to bring a broad world view while adapting to a very local experience for maximum impact.  Most recently, he has been one of the most prolific aquatics lecturers and instructors in the world conducting:

  • 100s of clinics, trainings, and courses 

  • In more than 12 countries 

  • To thousands of coaches, athletes, pool administrators, and athletes

  • Representing more than 40 countries

Duffy thoroughly enjoys the opportunity to meet, work with, and influence so many coaches, athletes, and pool personnel all over the world. "The aquatics community around the world has more similarities than it does differences. By and large, aquatics people are hardworking and friendly; with an intense desire to get better. I am extremely proud and thankful for the chances to work with so many great people and make friends for life."  

Dillon’s knowledgebase and experience makes him one of the world’s foremost authorities across the broadest range of topics on every aspect affecting swimming and aquatics including:


Master of Business AdministrationMarketing, San Jose State University (CA)

Bachelor of Business Administration, Accounting, Florida Atlantic University

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Finance, University of Florida

  • National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Academic All-America

  • University of Florida President’s Award