Please, complete our Coaching Interest Survey.


Potential coaches looking to work with the Colorado Dolphins must complete the following requirements prior to their first day of employment.

AAU Coach Membership and Certification

Join the AAU as a non-athlete coach / extended membership.  $18


Colorado Dolphins club code:  WYBWY5


Then, register and take the 3 PCA (Positive Coaching Alliance) Double-Goal Coach courses - ONE FREE!  2 pretty inexpesnvie :)


USA Swimming Coach Membership and Certification:


2.  Foundations of Coaching courses - all online, pls do all 3 now (101, 201, Rules and Regulations)

3.  Concussion protocol training - all online, pls do now

4.  Safety Training for Swim Coaches

      - online component here (pls pdf completion certificate):  https://www.redcross.org/take-a-class/classes/safety-training-for-swim-coaches-online-content-only/05214378.html

      - the Dolphins will test and certify your skills after completion of the online material

5.  CPR/AED Training

     -  online component here (pls pdf completion certificate):  https://www.redcrosslearning.com/course/02b6b8e0-c611-11e6-81f6-a5a76b229f34

     -  the Dolphins will test and certify your skills after completion of the online material

6.  Background check - pls do online now

7.  Athlete Protection Training - pls do online now

8.  USADA's Coach's Advantage Tutorial - pls do online now

1.  USA-S Membership - the Dolphins do for you; after successful completion of all of the requirements on this page of USA-S and AAU.


Thank you so much and GO DOLPHINS!

Duffy Dillon, Head Coach