2022-2023 School Year Practice Schedule - Fountain Fort Carson High School

Parents may observe practices from the lobby or outside from the patio.  

Only coaches and athletes are permitted in the pool area.


  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
CDSA 1   6:35-7:15pm   6:35-7:15pm    
CDSA 2   7:20-8:00pm   7:20-8:00pm    
Aerials 1   5:30-6:30pm   5:30-6:30pm    
Flippers     (Pick any 2) 5:45-6:25pm 5:45-6:25pm 5:45-6:25pm 5:45-6:25pm    
Bronze       (Pick any 3) 5:45-6:45pm 5:45-6:45pm 5:45-6:45pm 5:45-6:45pm 5:45-6:45pm  
Silver 6:45-8:00pm   6:45-8:00pm   5:45-7:15pm 8:00-9:30am
Gold/Dolphins 6:30-8:00pm   6:30-8:00pm   5:45-7:15pm 8:00-10:00am



* All Schedules are subject to change due to priority of FFCHS or FVS campus events, Holidays, or school closings **

Typical closings & makeups offered:
Monday holidays will be made up on the following Tuesday.
Tuesdays (high school meet days or other) will be made up on the Monday before
Wednesdays (for whatever reason, rare) will be made up the following Thursday
Thursdays (high school meet days or other) will be made up on the Wednesday before
Fridays (home football games or swim meets) will be made up on the Thursday before
Saturdays - NO MAKEUPS (unless announced via email blast)

** We make every effort to notify you of such changes in advance through all of our social media
and our team Member Management Blast notification system. **