COLORADO DOLPHINS FEES – 2022-2023 Season (Aug to July)


Colorado Dolphins


Aug to July

Includes membership / insurance in the AAU/CAL, Dolphins tshirt, and Dolphins cap. 

Summer Only


June and July


CDSA (Colorado Dolphins Swim Academy)

Waiting List




Monthly Practice Fees are Due Upon Joining. 
If you join after the 15th of the month, Your first month’s fees will be pro-rated 50%
via manual refund to your TeamUnify account
For each successive month; you will Prepay in advance on the 1st
via Autobilling to your TeamUnify account.

Group Capacity Limits / Waiting Lists
Many of our groups are reaching their capacity limits for safety and providing a quality program. 
Continuous month-to-month membership is needed to maintain your spot within your group. 
If you want to take a full month off, unfortunately we cannot guarantee your spot will not be filled. 
Active waiting lists are maintained for each program level to determine order of securing available spots when they become available. 

Please, inform us by the 20th of the month if you will NOT be swimming the following month
to avoid getting charged on the 1st

FFC8 and Military Family Discount

** 10% Discount on All Monthly Practice Fees (after the 1st registration month) **


All fees & purchases must be paid in advance, at the time/product they are for.

Due to our significant discount structure to make our programs affordable for all,
NO REFUNDS can be given for services unused.  THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING.