Participation in meets is 100% encouraged, but not required.

Participation in meets is an additional financial investment in your child's swimming development and enjoyment.   Each meet host charges various "entry fees" and "surcharges" to enter the meet.  Once you signup for a meet and the Dolphins send the entry to the host team, you are 100% responsible for the entry fees; whether you attend and compete or not.  The Dolphins will collect your entry fees when we enter you and we pay the entry fees as a team to the meet host.

Swimming Meets are a great way for our athletes to get objective feedback from their practices.  As our times improve, we know we are getting better.  Meets are fun!  We get to hang out and know our teammates and fellow Dolphins.  And our athletes have a chance to earn awards.  As we get older, more experienced, and faster; the chance to travel to new and bigger competitions is an amazing learning experience.

USA-Swimming meets

USA Swimming meets within Colorado Swimming, Inc (CSI) offers meets for all ages.  Many are focused for our more expereinced swimmers from the Dolphins, Gold Tails, and Silver Tails.  And many others provide opportunities for Bronze Tails and Flippers swimmers to gain experience racing, having fun, and getting to know their teammates.

*** USA Swimming PREMIUM members are allowed access to an unlimited number of meets per year. 
FLEX members are allowed access to 2 meets per year, but can upgrade to PREMIUM at any time. ***

This is a mandatory fee to provide insurance to participate; and to access to USA Swimming sanctioned competitions. 
The fees are annual "membership" fees.  This membership fee does not provide for FREE "entry fees" into USA Swimming meets.  Meets are held by "host" clubs; which charge "entry fees" as a club fundraiser and to offset the cost of hosting the meet including renting the facility, providing awards, and providing hospitality for the officials, volunteers, and coaches; and any other costs. 
(Click here for Swim Meet Info and Schedule)

AAU Swimming Meets with the Colorado Athletic League (CAL)

The CAL is currently forming it's league charter and developing its meet schedule.  These meets will be short, fun meets for ALL Dolphins, especially focused towards gaining experience in learning the swimming events for each age group.


Swimming meets always need volunteer Offcials; as well as Volunteer timers. 

Dolphins will be expected to always do our part in helping meet hosts with volunteer Lane Timers. 

Parents and family wishing to "up their game" and serve as a meet Offcial, stay tuned for more information. 

With consistent participation as an Official, the Dolphins will happily reimburse training and certification costs of becoming an official, and will post financial credits to your account at $25 per each full session served.

During Dolphin hosted meets, ALL participapting families will be expexcted to volunteer as Officials, Lane Timers, or other needed capacities.

VOLUNTEERING IS FUN!  It helps the team.  It helps our sport.  And it is great role modeling for all of our children.