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New to Swimming or looking for a team to join? Check out the "Swim Lessons" tab or the "Training Groups" tab on the top of the page. We offer a wide variety of programs that fit the needs of any swimmer.  
We offer a one week free trial to new swimmers once they have been evaluated and assigned to a group. Come see what swimming and PSC are all about!
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The mission of the Pueblo Swim Club is to offer various swimming programs, encouraging participants to develop positive life skills and achieve goals.

Our vision is to offer various water activities including swim lessons, pre-competitive, competitive, and cross training programs for beginners through elite athletes.  We provide an environment where the athlete can have fun, work hard, achieve goals and develop important life skills: leadership, team work, self-discipline, healthy living and competition. These skills will help our athletes succeed throughout life.

The Pueblo Swim Club believes proper technique with training and conditioning are the keys to a positive, successful swimming experience. Therefore, we have organized our team into progressive groups, so that our swimmers have the opportunity to develop their skills and conditioning level in an environment suitable to their needs and commitment level.

Pueblo Swim Club- FAQ's...

How do I join?

 Schedule an evaluation with Head Coach Greg Nemick via phone or email (720-319-5314 or [email protected]). If your child is a beginner-intermediate swimmer, a swim evaluation is not necessary, just go to our Swim Lessons page and get signed up for the next session available. 

Once you have determined (through the evaluation process and trial week) that your swimmer will join PSC, please come back to this website ( and click “Start Registration” on the left hand side of the screen. You will be guided through a few easy steps to sign up your child to swim with us. Once you have completed the process you will be given member access to the Team Website.

 What "training group" should I sign up for?

The evaluation process will help determine which group your child is best suited for. Curious about the training groups?  Check out the Practice Groups to see all the groups that Pueblo Swim Club offers including their skill requirements and expectations.  

How often and when will my child practice?

We offer practices daily for most groups, but swimmers are not required to attend every day.  A good rule of thumb is to set a number of days that you will participate and stick to that number.  The group and the age of your swimmer will influence the number of training days expected.  Just like anything in life, the more you apply yourself, the larger the benefit.  A Training Calendar is available on the Home Page where all scheduled practices are listed. 

What is the cost of swimming with PSC?

The try-out period is free for first time swimmers. Should you decide to join the team after that period, costs are as follows:

Your swimmer will only be charged dues for the months in which they swim.  However, if they swim in any portion of the month, the full month’s dues will be charged.  Monthly dues are billed at the first of each month. The current dues structure is listed below.

  • Monthly Dues
    • Orange Group: $80
    • Blue: $95
    • Silver: $110
    • Gold: $110
  • In addition, there is an Annual USA Swimming fee of $80 per calendar year. 
  • For new Orange and Blue group athletes, there is an option for the new USA Swimming Flex Membership of $30/year.  Ask for details.
  • We offer a multi-swimmer discount for our training group swimmers. 10% for the 3rd swimmer, 15% for 4,5, etc swimmer

​​What are other obligations of the swimmer and parents?

Swim meets. Swim meets are an invaluable way for your child to bond with their teammates and to see their hard work pay off in a real way. Meets are recommended for each group, your coach will recommend which meets to attend throughout the season.

PSC Swim Meets. We need help from our parents to help run these events.  Parents will be able to select many different ways to help out during these events.

PSC Dolphin Dash. Swimmers are encouraged to participate in our annual Dolphin Dash fundraiser held in October.