The Benefits of Being a Swim Meet Volunteer

Susanne Divelbiss
Feb 26, 2019

The Benefits of Being a Swim Meet Volunteer by Ryan Woodruff

"If I had one day left on Earth, I would spend it at a swim meet, 'cause those things last forever" reads a swim parent t-shirt I have seen on a couple of occasions.  True, swim meets can be marathons sometimes, but getting involved by volunteering at a meet can make it go by much faster.  But here are some other awesome benefits:

1. You will be helping your swimmer's team.  Most meets simply can't be run without a small army of parent volunteers.  No volunteers means no meets.  No meets means no swim team.
2. Your swimmer will see that you are investing your time in an activity that matters to him or her.  Seeing that you care goes a long way with most kids, even if they don't want to admit it.
3. You will get to meet the parents of other swimmers and make new friends. Let's face it, being a parent doesn't make a vibrant social life any easier, but with swim parents you already have something in common.  Maybe you can even meet a new carpool driver while timing at a meet!
4. You will make your swimmer's coach better by letting him or her focus on coaching.  Meets are often very busy times for coaches, and we are most effective when we get to focus on that alone and don't have to worry about whether there are enough timers or if the results have been posted.
5. You will get a better understanding of the sport.  Even if you were a competitive swimmer growing up, I can guarantee you the sport has changed. By getting involved, you will learn more about the sport and develop a better appreciation for it.
6. You will develop a stronger sense of pride in your team.  A swim team is not just swimmers and coaches.  It requires that parents be invested too, and this family-oriented nature of the sport is just one of the things that makes it great.  When you have invested your time in the team, you will feel even more proud when your swimmer and team are successful.

Don't miss out -- the next time your team hosts a meet, be sure to get involved in whatever way you can!