Contact Information for Pueblo West Swim Club:


Board-President: Kristen Gadd

Board Vice President: Brian Corsi

Board Secretary: Amanda Hanson       

Board Treasurer: Lyndsey Raymond

Board Member at Large: Robert Hanson


Please Contact the Board Members through Team App or the Team Email at [email protected]


Head Coach: Shelby Vaughn

Email: [email protected]


Assistant Coach: Seth Holloway

Email: [email protected]


You may contact the Coaches through Team app or their individual email addresses listed.

*Please be sure that all electronic communications fall within the guidelines placed by Safe Sport and outlined in the MAAPP 2.0 Policy.

Website address:

Team Email Address:[email protected]


Team App: Please download Team App and Search Team “PWSC Stingrays”

*Team App is the clubs main form of communication. Please download Team App to stay up to date with all things regarding the team.  


Address if mailing payments: 727 S Fleming Dr., Pueblo West, CO 81007

“Dues” due date is the 10th of each month,

If dues are unpaid and arrangements have not been made with board treasurer by the 17th, suspension will occur. Meet dues are to be paid the week of the meet being attended.


Website to view meets and additional swim info: