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The Rocky Mountain Thunder Swimming (RMT) Masters is group of people who enjoy swimming for its health, recreational and physical fitness benefits. We are comprised of all age groups (18yrs+) and ability levels, from swimming novices to Nationally-recognized competitors.

RMT offers two workouts per day Monday through Friday.  As a RMT swimmer, you will have the option to participate in coached workouts, stretching/weight training; Masters swim competitions and USA Swimming competitions, as well as local, state, and national clinics throughout the year.

If you would like to see what the Masters group is all about, please feel free to stop by the pool and try us out for one week free of charge. If you find you like what we offer, please sign up online.


Here at team Thunder Badger our philosophy is to always provide a group/lane assignment for every level of swimmer, from novice to world class, and for every person’s individual goals, whether they are fitness/health, masters pool competitions, open water/Triathlon, or just social.

Members and drop-ins can cross-over and come at different times - morning, afternoon or evening group - whatever fits your day. Our coaches will be on deck to help you!


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5. USA  (United States Swimming) membership *required
4. USMS (United State Masters Swimming) membership #

#Please visit and register online.

Why the Thunder Badger?

RMT Masters has declared the Thunder Badger as its team mascot.  Why you must be asking, come and find out and you will understand why the Thunder Badger.  In short the honey badger doesn’t care what people think and it takes what it wants. Enough said.