2018/2019 Team Registration

Open for New Members

7/10/18 - 6/15/19

29 Members


Team Registration

A wait list will begin after the max number of swimmers has been reached
Team Member Cap is 120 Swimmers
Registration Links are at the Bottom of the Page .

If you have any questions during your registration: Please Call RMT at 303.927.6586

Team Registration

A wait list will begin after the max number of swimmers has been reached

Team Member Cap is 120 Swimmers

Registration Links are at the Bottom of the Page.

If you have any questions during your registration: Please Call RMT at 303.927.6586


Thunder Swimming, LLC (RMT) as a member of USA Swimming, Inc., we are a year- round, competitive swim team offering high quality professional coaching and technique instruction for all ages and abilities. As a club, we are dedicated to giving our swimmers the best opportunity for achieving their potential and swimming at the highest level of competition. Our goal is to provide each and every member the best environment to improve their swimming skills and achieve success. 

RMT swimmers compete in meets that are held locally, across Colorado, and on a regional, national and international level. We have a partnership with the City of Wheat Ridge and most practices are conducted at Wheat Ridge Recreation Pool, with some groups utilizing 6th Ave West Pool as well.

We are glad you have chosen competitive swimming as a sport and RMT for your child to be a member. We are proud of our team and each swimmer?s accomplishments. We are looking forward to getting to know you and your swimmer. If you have any questions, feel free to talk with your swimmer?s coach, or the head coach.

T.E.A.M -Together Everyone Achieves More. At RMT, we understand that a group of athletes working together toward a common goal will help each individual achieve more than they thought possible. We promote team unity and respect for all members of the team. If we all help each other and support each other, great things will happen!

Head Coach Sarah Ehekircher  


Team Billing


Team Phone


Club website 


Wheat Ridge Pool Office

 (303) 231-1300

You may also leave a message for the RMT Coaching Staff. The team line number is 303.927.6586.


RMT does it's best to keep fees low and tries to keep our parent commitment low as well. We don't host meets and we don't have family volunteer hours each family is committed to. We also don't do fundraising for the team. We do fundraising for community projects and programs, instead.  Our fees are competitive, a little higher than some teams, and lower than most. 


Team fees (monthly dues) represent the bulk of support for our program. Since we do not require any team fundraising. Team fees are structured to contribute to the operating expenses of our club. The fees are structured as 11 MONTH dues divided into monthly amounts for billing purposes.

·         Refunds are made only in case of serious injury that prevents a swimmer from being a part of the team. We are a year-round team and dues are collected even if you are away on vacation. If you wish to terminate your membership, the HEAD COACH at thunderske@gmail.com, must be notified in writing 30 days prior to the month of termination.

·         Families are not billed by mail for dues. Approximately the 28th of the month, you will receive an email reminding you that your next month?s invoice is available for viewing online. If you do not receive this email, please check into your secure account via the web or our app (ON DECK), updates are done by the end of each month.

·         All families will have a secure account in the team website where parents and swimmers can access vital information.

·         Parents, you must set up auto payment of all dues and fees by ACH directly from a bank account. There will be an auto pay for each account starting September 1.

·         Any ACH payments that cannot not be processed will be assessed a $50 late fee.

·         If and error is found in your account, please notify billing immediately at: thunderske@gmail.com

·         You can access your account anytime by logging into www.rmtswimming.com and selecting ?My Account?.


Swimmer Training Dues ?

Training Fees# (3 Options)

Due at Joining

(Secures Spot) ***


Monthly Fees

4 Payment Fee

1 Time Fee

Registration RMT Administrative

USA Yearly Fee Per Swimmer

Unlimited Swimming





$69.00 included in Reg fee

Two Day a Week





$69.00 included in reg fee

.#Training fees are not pro-rated for partial months except for NEW members joining after the 15th of the month. Training fees will be pro-rated in half for that month



Family Discounts:
Join Fees:
1 Swimmer: $350.00
2 Swimmers: $600.00
3 Swimmers: $850.00
4 Swimmers: $1000.00
1st Swimmer: (highest training fee) 100%
2nd Swimmer: (2nd highest fee) discounted 20%.
3rd Swimmer: (3rd highest fee) is discounted 25%.
4th Swimmer (4th highest fee) is discounted 35%.
5th swimmer (5th highest fee) is discounted 40%,
Training fees are waived beyond the 5th swimmer. 
Early Withdrawal:  In the case of early withdraw from RMT there is NO refund of fees.
Full Season Training Payment Discount:  In the case of early withdraw from RMT there is no refund of fees.
Meet Entry Fees:
·         Swim meet fees vary with each meet. 
·         Meet fees are invoiced week before the meet start and are separate from Training Fees. 
·         Fees will need to be paid before the start of the meet.
·         You are responsible for meet entry fees, even if you withdraw from the meet, fees will still need to be paid.
·         If you have to make a late add (DECK ENTRY) there is at $25 fee attached to the total meet fee.
Late Payments and NSF Fees:
Late payment assessment is $50.00 if payment is postmarked or received after the 5th. NSF assessment is $50.00 each default and may also result in a Late Payment Assessment. Recurring Late payments or underpayments may result in additional penalties such as not participating in team practice or swim meets.
Thunder Swimming Team Registration Fee:
There is a $350.00 per swimmer, (unless multi-family discounts are used), and is non-refundable fee. This registration fee allows the team NOT to require parent volunteer hours and team fundraising. Also, the registration fee covers the cost, team caps, handouts, coach travel cost to away meets. 
Fee must be paid to secure a spot on the team, and are due within 5 days of registration
The swimmers spot is not secure until this fee is paid.
This fee is an annual fee, billed during registration and is prorated by each qtr.for swimmers who join mid-season.
USA Swimming Registration:
To be a member of Thunder Swimming, every swimmer must be an USA Swimming registered swimmer. This covers the swimmer with liability insurance while at practice, organized events and swim meets. 
The cost for USA Swimming registration is $69.00 per calendar year.
Inactive Accounts, Withdrawing from RMT and Reactivation Fees:
Written notification must be submitted to the billing department and Head Coach. A 30day notice is required before becoming inactive or withdrawing, you will be billed for your remaining 30 days once withdraw notice has been received. Any fees accrued during that 30 days will still need to be paid. Also, past fees will need to be paid as well.
Photo/Video Policy: Photos/Video may be periodically taken of participants and used on the RMT website or in other team publicity as deemed appropriate. By submitting this Registration, you give consent to this understanding.

Once you turn in your electronic paperwork and we have your email address, you will be emailed a password to sign into our website (www.rmtswimming.com). You will then be able to view calendars, sign up for meets, sign up to help at events, and track your swimmers meet times. You will also view your accounts and billing. All dues meet fees, and certain team equipment are billed through the website. The system is automatic and charges your account on the 1st of the month. A reminder to view your invoice will be sent to you a few days prior to the end of the month but if meet fees or other charges for items such as swim caps go into your acct. after the reminder is sent and before the 1st of the month, then the amount invoiced could differ.
Communication in our swim program is vital. In addition to the website, each swimmer is assigned a file folder in their group box located by the RMT office. Earned meet awards are placed into the swimmer?s folder. Swimmers should check their folders weekly.
Our chief method of communication is email and the website. Weekly updates, meet flyers, meeting notices, equipment order forms, etc. are all available electronically on the RMT website so it is vital we have accurate email addresses. The website is the best way to keep up-to-date on team handouts and activities.


Office phone # 303.927.6586 Head Coach Email: thunderske@gmail.com