Communication is vital to the effective functioning of any organization.  It lets our families know what is going on as well as communicate very important information, especially in the event of an emergency.  We believe it is better to over-communicate then not to communicate at all.


All normal communications to our members are via e-mail.   E-mails are notifications for swim meets, pre-billing invoices, events, and much more.  When your account is registered you will receive an e-mail from the team asking you to verify your e-mail.  Your e-mail address will be your team site logon as well as the e-mail that will receive all communications. 

If you do not receive an email message our host system, Team Unify (TU), recommends the following:

  1.  Check your spam folder.
  2. Add this contact to your contacts  [email protected].   TU email is sent from this contact address and having this contact in your contacts will prevent email from going into spam.
  3.  Login to your email host's interface such as @yahoo.com or @gmail.com, etc. rather than checking an email program like Outlook
  4. If you use gmail, periodically check your ‘social’ and ‘promotions’ in-boxes to see if any of the team emails went there.
  5. If you still don't receive email instructions, contact admin.  Chances are your email address is incorrect.

TEXT (Emergency ONLY)

We request all accounts set up an SMS phone number (we need the phone # of a phone that can receive text messages and the name of the phone company).  We will only send text messages in the event of an emergency.  When we set up your SMS phone you will receive a verification text message.  Please confirm.

ON-DECK (Mobile App)

We ask all parents to download the On-Deck Ap for any of their mobile devices.  The team has paid the license fees for this program.  The logon will be the same email and password as the logon to the web site.  You can use this Ap to commit to swim meets, sign up for jobs (service hour opportunities), review account info, pay bill, see swimmer information, best times, last meet, and so much more.

ON-DECK (Important messages & Emergencies)

On-Deck has the ability to receive Notifications.  Make sure the 'Allow Notifications' swich is set to receive.  We will send notifications for important messages and emergencies.

Emergencies about immediate changes to practice schedules, swim meets, pool closures, etc. are made via TEXT and NOTIFICATIONS.  You MUST be reachable in the event of an emergency.  

Both the coach and a parent (usually with swimmers) have to wait until the last swimmer is picked up.  In the event we need to vacate our facility, failure to pick up your child within 30 minutes, will incur a $50 swimmer sitting fee.