Leave of Absence Policy

In line with our practice group goals is the need to revise our Leave of Absence (LOA) policy effective Sept. 1, 2017.  We are adopting the same LOA policy consistent with other teams in the Eastern Geo Committee. 

Any swimmer wishing to take a ‘voluntary’ leave of absence for any reason, other than high school swim season or medical necessity, must continue to pay ½ their training fees for the months they are absent in order to guarantee their spot in their practice group upon their return.  The ½ training fees will be for full months only. Any partial months LOA will be billed at the full training rates.  In addition, prorated fund raising and service hour obligations owed to date must be paid.  Fund raising and service hour obligations will not be suspended while the swimmer is on leave, they will continue to accrue.   A maximum of 4 months LOA will be granted.  After 4 months the swimmers account will be cancelled and the account will be billed for all outstanding debts and obligations.

Any swimmer wishing to take a ‘voluntary’ LOA for any length of time may choose to cancel their account.  Upon return they will be considered a NEW swimmer and will be required to pay the registration fee (without the T-shirt and cap) and must try out for the team.  If there is no room in the practice group they are assigned to they will be put on a waiting list until a spot opens up.  There is no guarantee they will return to the same practice group.

High school swimmers may apply for a LOA during the CIF HS swim season (usually Feb. – May).  They will be billed for outstanding obligations and these obligations will continue to accrue.  They will not be obligated to pay training fees during this period.  Failure to return at the end of the CIF season will cause their account to be cancelled and outstanding obligations will be billed.

Swimmers with a medical necessity may also apply for a LOA without paying the training fees. A doctor’s note stating the specific dates the swimmer will not be allowed to swim is mandatory.  Fundraising and service hour obligations to date will be billed.  After 4 months, continuation of the LOA will require another note from the doctor.  Failure to provide the required documentation will cause the account to be cancelled and obligations will be billed.