Our COSA Swimming policies exist and are strictly enforced so that we may provide great service to our customers in a safe, respectful environment. Policies related to Safe Sport and MAAP (minor athlete abuse prevention) are included on our Safe Sport page, policies related to financial matters are included on our Fees & Dues page, and all other policies are included on this page.

Conflict Resolution Policy
Communication is the best way to reduce and deal with conflicts. When conflicts between a swimmer or parent and a coach do arise, increase communication among the involved parties and refrain from discussing disagreements with others.
-> Try to keep foremost in your mind that you and the coach have the best interests of the swimmer at heart. If you trust that the coach's goals match yours, even though his or her approach may differ from your own, then you are more likely to enjoy good rapport and a constructive dialogue with the coach when issues arise.

-> Keep in mind that the coach must balance your perspective of what is best with the needs of the team and/or training group. On occasion, individual interests may need to be subordinate to the interests of the group. In the long run, the benefits of membership in the group may compensate for occasional short-term inconveniences.
For issues regarding practice, stroke instruction, meets, team-rules, or any other part of the training program: Discuss the issue with the following individuals, in order, until the situation is resolved: the swimmer's Lead and/or Head Coach, the COSA General Manager, the COSA Senior Leadership Team, and the COSA CEO.
For issues regarding other swimmers or parents: Discuss the issue with the swimmer and/or parent in question, followed by the COSA General Manager, the COSA Senior Leadership Team, and the COSA CEO.
For all other issues: Discuss with the owner of the area in question, following by the COSA Senior Leadership Team and the COSA CEO.

Group Move-Up Policy
Our aim at COSA Swimming is to place each swimmer in a training group with other swimmers of similar ages, ability levels, levels of commitment, physical and emotional maturity, and practice habits/skills. Toward that end, move-up decisions are made by the coach(es) who works with each swimmer, based on the swimmer’s age, ability level, commitment, etc. with oversight from the COSA Senior Leadership Team and the COSA CEO to ensure consistency across our team.