At Colorado Springs Area (COSA) Swimming, swimming is our thing! Our mission is to promote water safety and foster a lifelong love of swimming by providing top-notch instruction – from learn-to-swim lessons to world-class competitive swimming!

Our culture at COSA Swimming values teamwork, quality, and collaboration. In fact, COSA Swimming is the result of collaboration among a handful of like-minded, local swim coaches who are passionate about working together to provide the best possible swimming instruction across the gamut – from babies to senior citizens and from inexperienced to elite swimmers.

COSA Swimming is a merger of four of the largest and best-known swim teams in the Colorado Springs area: Altitude Performance Swim Team, Cheyenne Mountain Aquatics Swim Team, Colorado Springs Swim Team, and Woodmoor Waves Swim Team.

The economies of scale that occur by merging these entities together enable COSA Swimming to offer much more than separate entities could. For example, COSA Swimming includes:

  • a super swim staff with well over 250 years of experience in swimming instruction, working together to develop and provide optimal guidance, based on individual needs – from youngsters to senior citizens and from novice to elite swimmers
  • a super swim team with 85 years of combined team history and including hundreds of age-group, senior, and master team members – one of the largest swim teams in Colorado, ranging from beginner-level to world-class competitive swimmers.

Is swimming your thing too? Contact us today via this form or [email protected] to join our COSA Swimming family!

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