Fees & Dues

There are four types of dues and fees for COSA swimmers: annual fees, semiannual fees, monthly dues, and meet fees. We are committed to keeping the costs that are within our control low and remaining fully transparent about what we charge and when.

Annual Fees
Before practicing with COSA, each swimmer must be insured via an active USA Swimming membership (or a USA Masters Swimming membership if joining the COSA Masters group). Swimmers purchase memberships each swim year directly from USA Swimming (or USA Masters Swimming). COSA swimmers are also expected to purchase team suits via the Swim Shop at the beginning of each swim year.

Semiannual Fees
Each COSA swimmer pays a $100 semiannual COSA Swim Team fee during initial registration and again on February 1 and August 1 every year.

Monthly Dues
Each swimmer pays monthly dues, based on that swimmer’s training group, as follows:
Intro to COSA (aka White): $90
Red: $110
Blue: $130
Bronze: $150
Silver: $170
Gold: $195
Varsity: $190
Performance: $215
State: $225
National: $235
Masters: $60

Multi-Swimmer Discounts
We automatically provide the following monthly discounts to families with multiple athletes across our Bronze, Silver, Gold, Performance, State, and National groups.
First Swimmer: Full Price
Second Swimmer: $10 Off
Third Swimmer: $15 Off
Fourth Swimmer: $20 Off
Fifth Swimmer: $25 Off

Meet Fees
We believe that meets are critical for competitive swimmers’ development – both in and out of the water. Each COSA swimmer is hence expected to attend (and parents are expected to volunteer at) swim meets that are appropriate for the competition level of the swimmer's
training group:
Intro to COSA (aka White): Developmental & Benchmark Meets
Red: Primarily Developmental & Benchmark Meets
Blue: Developmental, Benchmark, & Other Home Meets
Bronze: Primarily Benchmark & Other Home Meets
Silver: Colorado Meets
Gold: Colorado Meets & Occasional Out-of-State Meets
Varsity: Primarily Benchmark & Other Home Meets
Performance: Colorado Meets & Occasional Out-of-State Meets
State: Colorado Meets & Occasional Out-of-State Meets
National: Colorado Meets & Out-of-State Meets
Masters: Varies Significantly by Athlete
Swim meet fees can vary significantly because they are determined by the host of each meet. We host the majority of meets our swimmers attend so that we can keep meet fees low for our members, and we clearly post all meet fees for COSA members to view when they are entering meets (regardless of meet hosts).

Related Policies
Invoices for monthly dues and any semiannual fees and/or meet fees are automatically sent via email by our system on the first day of each month, and each member’s credit-card on file is processed by our system that same day to collect the invoiced amount.
Invalid Credit Cards: Email is automatically sent by our system to notify a member if a credit card on file is invalid.
Late Payment: If a monthly invoice is not paid by the 15th of that month, a $25 late fee will be added to the account.
No Payment: If a monthly invoice is not paid by the 22nd of that month, the associated swimmer(s) will no longer be allowed at practices and will not be allowed to sign up for swim meets until the outstanding balance is paid. The member will be responsible for all collection costs, including but not limited to attorney fees, if the account remains unpaid.
Meet Scratches: Once entered in a meet, the associated meet fees are non-refundable, even if swimmers scratch due to reasons beyond their control.
Late Pick-Up: COSA Swimming reserves the right to charge a late-pick-up fee of $25 for every 15 minutes that a member picks up a swimmer late (i.e., after practice concludes for that swimmer).
Proration: Although COSA Swimming is year-round, there are scheduled breaks after championship seasons and other days off throughout the year. Semiannual dues and monthly dues are not prorated for scheduled breaks, missed practices, or any other reason.
Withdrawal: Notice must be provided via email to [email protected] by the 15th day of a month to withdraw that month. In other words, if a withdrawal notice is received after the 15th day of a month, then the monthly dues and any semiannual fee will still be collected for the following month as described above.
Re-Registration: In the case where a swimmer chooses to return sometime after withdrawal, the registration process and fees are identical to those for a brand new member. We unfortunately cannot guarantee that space will still be available for the swimmer in such a case.