COSA Swimming Registration

Welcome to COSA Swimming’s online registration platform.

Everyone must register before swimming with the team so that a current USA Swimming or USA Masters Swimming membership can be established or transferred for insurance purposes. (For Masters swimmers, the USA Masters Swimming membership must be handled by the swimmer; for all other swimmers, the USA Swimming membership is handled by COSA Swimming asap after registration.)

Prior to registering, COSA Swimming must determine and provide the appropriate training group for the swimmer. If the swimmer’s group has not been provided to you, please email [email protected].

Our registration process is relatively simple. You will get access to your own account, which enables you to maintain your billing and contact information, enter swim meets, see a history of times, and more.

Please make sure that all account information is accurate, including your apparel sizes and your auto-pay method (which is required on file for each account). At the end of registration, you will be charged for the relevant annual fees indicated on our Fees & Dues page.

Email [email protected] with any questions.

Thanks for being part of our COSA family.

Swimming is our thing!