Officials Rewards & Benefits

  • This is a great way to get involved in your swimmers activity.  For a team our size we should have about 4-6 officials.
  • One official’s shirt will be purchased by Team Vortex upon completion of your initial certification.
  • All approved certification costs, annual USA non-athlete fee, and background check, are paid by the team.
  • Free food and snacks at meets where you officiate.
  • Fulfill your Vortex Volunteer Commitment

How to Become an Official

USA Swimming Official-Year 1 and beyond Stroke & Turn Judge

  • New officials fulfill their Vortex Swim Club volunteer commitment for the 1st year by completing the certification process within the Vortex fiscal year (Sept-July).
  • All training is provided. Vortex Swim Club covers the cost of all training and certification.
  • After completing your certification, you may start officiating the first year and begin earning credits on dues.
  • Vortex asks for a 2 year commitment.

USA Swimming Official-Starter/Referee

  • After completion of all requirements and a full 12 months as a certified S&T official, one is eligible to advance to Starter.
  • Once an official has been a certified Starter for a full 12 months they are eligible to advance to Deck Referee.
  • To become a full Meet Referee, one must complete a minimum of a full 12 months as a certified Deck Referee and be recommended to their Zone Officials Chair by senior Meet Referees.

How to Become a Stroke & Turn (S & T) Judge

  • Attend an approved Stroke & Turn (S&T) Judge Clinic.
  • Pass the open book ―Certification-Stroke & Turn/ Timer exam (on the USA Swimming website) with a score of 80% or higher.
  • Register as a non-athlete with USA Swimming.
  • Pass a Level 2 criminal background check.

Evaluation & Certification

  • All certification requirements must be completed within 12 months of attending the S&T clinic.
  • Complete a minimum of 24 hours on-deck training under the supervision of three different senior officials while attending at least three different swim meets.
  • Your log must be signed by the Meet Referee or the
  • Sr. Official doing the training.
  • Your session is also recorded in the Officials Re- ports sent to the CSI Officials Tracking System Administrator.
  • Send/give the training log to the zone’s Official Representative to certify completion of your training.

How to Maintain your Certification

  • Annual Recertification
    • After the first, full calendar year, and any following year as an official you must officiate at least 20 meet sessions.
    • Attend a recertification clinic.
    • Pass the on line recertification test with an 80% or better score.
    • Submit annual USA non-athlete registration & maintain a current Level 2 back- ground check on file with CSI.
  • Recertification Clinic Alternative
    • Over the calendar year, you may attend the pre and post session briefings for any three sessions at an Officials Qualifying Meet or at the CSI Short or Long Course preliminary-finals Championship Meets.