Current Fundraising Opportunities that benefit Team Vortex:

  • Vortex Swim-A-Thon

Current Fundraising Opportunities that benefit Team Vortex AND your swimmer's account:



Safeway Reloadable Gift Cards:  Earn 5% cash back on food/gas purchases!

(4% goes directly to YOUR family account, 1% goes to Vortex)


How Does It Work?

Step 1:    Purchase a $5 Safeway reloadable gift card from Rachel Ferguson (preloaded with a $5 credit)

  • Contact her at [email protected]

  • Cards cannot be purchased from the store (must be purchased through Vortex).

Step 2:    Load the card with any amount up to $500 at the cash register or customer service desk

  • Must be done in a separate transaction PRIOR TO food/gas purchases being made

  • There is a short (5-10 min.) delay before the funds are available for check-out if loaded at the service counter. Load your card before you do your shopping.

  • You can load your card using cash, check. debit or credit card.

  • Important note:  Cards with a zero balance for over 90 days will become inactive and a new card will have to be purchased.

Step 3:    Participating families will receive a 4% credit to their Vortex account when the team reloads a minimum of $5000

Frequently Asked Questions:

What can/cannot be purchased?

Can:  Food, Gas, Merchandise

Cannot:  Western Union, Money Orders, Tickets West, Postage Stamps, Lottery Tickets, and Gift Cards (though I’ve heard some location will let you purchase gift cards)

What happens if a card is lost or thrown away?

Each card comes with an ID number on the back that keeps track of your balance.  If your card is lost, your money is NOT gone (provided someone didn’t find your card and use it immediately).  If your card is lost, the balance can be retrieved from the computer.  Your old number will be retired and a new card will be issued with the balance from your lost card.

How do I find the balance on my card?

One of four ways:

  • the balance is always printed on the bottom of your register receipt

  • visit

  • call 1-866-822-6252

  • your cashier can check your balance

Please note that a ZERO BALANCE ON YOUR CARD FOR 90 DAYS = INACTIVE CARD.  A new card will then need to be purchased through Vortex.

How will I know how much “cash back”  I have raised for my swimmer(s)?

Your monthly Vortex bill will show a credit for each month that the team receives a refund.

What if my swimmer takes time off?

Your family account will accumulate a credit during the time your swimmer is not active with the team.

What if my swimmer leaves the team?

Once your swimmer leaves the  team, any remaining funds will be donated to Vortex.

Where else is the card accepted?

Safeway:  In addition to Safeway, the card is accepted at Vons, Dominick’s, Randalls, Tom Thumb, Pavilions and Carrs.


Any questions or to purchase cards, please contact Rachel Ferguson: [email protected].