USA Swimming Registration

USA Swimming is no longer allowing Vortex to register our swimmers with USA Swimming.  This is now a parent/guardian responsibility, this must be completed ASAP (your swimmer will not be able to sign up for meets if you have not registered them with USA Swimming, they will also not be allowed to practice.  

USA Swimming offers several membership options:

  • Premium (annual) Membership (any age) - $80
    • This allow for unlimited meets at any level, up to and including Olympic Trials!
    • This membership is required for any swimmer over 12 year of age
  • Flex Membership for 12 and Under Swimmers - $30
    • This membership allows your swimmer to compete in 2 meets per year, but they cannot compete in State Meet level or above
    • This membership can be upgraded to a Premium Membership at any time, this is a great way to start out to make sure your swimmer enjoys the meets
  • Outreach Membership (For scholorship swimmers): - $5
    • Same benifits as a Premium Membership


To start a new membership, or renew an existing membership, click the following link:

Team Vortex USA Swimming Registration

Note:  If you don't have one, you will need to create a Parent Account (there is no charge for this).  After you create an account and login you can either create a new registration for your swimmer if they don't have one, or seach for your swimmer (by name and birthdate) and renew their existing registration.  

Here is a link to the USA Swimming Registration resource page, it has some useful videos on how to do each step:

USA Swimming Online Registration Resources