Like most swim clubs in the area, Vortex Swim Club is run by member volunteers who elect a Board of Directors to oversee the administrative functions of the club. The team relies on member volunteers to help out with day-to-day operations and special events to keep our monthly dues down. We need all families to assist in making Vortex Swim Club a success!

Our volunteer policy is intended to share the workload of running a competitive, USA swim team. We have many ways to earn hours (not just at swim meets). Examples of volunteer opportunities include helping with social events, helping with fundraising, counting laps at Swim-A-Thon, helping with our monthly newsletter, and tons of other jobs that can be done either at home or while your kids are at practice. If you like the action of swim meets, you can earn points volunteering at a swim meet while your kids are swimming their races. If you would rather opt-out of the volunteer commitment, that's OK! We have a “buy-out” option


1.Board Members (Year-round)

  1. President
  2. b) Vice-President
  3. c) Secretary
  4. d) Treasurer
  5. e) Volunteer Coordinator
  6. f)  At-Large members (3)

2. Team Registration (Year-round)

3. USA Swimming

4. Billing (Year-round)

5. Payroll (Year-round)

6. Travel Committee (Year-round)

7. Team Gear; includes getting shirt and cap for all new swimmers, gear for championship swimmers and doing a few online stores each year

8. Communications (weekly email and/or newsletter)  AVAILABLE

9. Updating bulletin board at Mulberry (change pictures, meet schedule, update as needed, keep it esthetically pleasing) (keep track of hours worked)

10. Social Media communications (keep track of hours worked)

11. Grocery Card fundraiser (Year-round)

12. Fundraiser Chairperson (Pizza pals?  Something different?, setting up Fuzzy’s?) (keep track of hours)

13. New family/swimmer greeter? (keep track of hours)

14. Team Photographer AVAILABLE

15. Webmaster

16. Swim-A-Thon Coordinator (keep track of hours) LOOK FOR EMAILS THROUGHOUT THE YEAR

  1. donations
  2. set up/clean up
  3. lap counters
  4. runners
  5. sign in table
  6. collecting prizes

17. Vortex Fall open (keep track of hours) MANY JOBS AVAILABLE, WILL WORK WITH BOARD MEMBERS

Meet Support Job Descriptions

  1. Hospitality
  2. Meet Director
  3. Timers/head timer
  4. safety marshals
  5. concessions
  6. computer
  7. set up/take down
  8. runner
  9. programs
  10. ribbons/awards

18. Championship/Districts Dinner for Short Course in February (keep track of hours)

  1. facility rental; senior center?
  2. order food
  3. decorations for short course dinner
  4. sign ups for donations and RSVP

19. Summer Picnic Team Dinner AVAILABLE

  • facility rental; Spring canyon park?
  • decide on menu and do the grocery shopping (team pays)
  • create a sign-up for donations for desserts and side dishes, plus an RSVP

General Need for help (keep track of hours) AVAILABLE

  1. timers at meets, other than our home hosted meet
  2. donations
  3. any help with meets we are asked to co-host
  4. setting up group get togethers

If you have something to contribute to the team, but do not see it listed here, contact the Volunteer Coordinator and let them know!  We are always open to new ideas!

Job Descriptions:

Become a Certifified USA Swimming Official:

This is at no cost to you and you will be able to complete your volunteer hours in a very short time!   When you become an official you will help the local team and the USA Swimming organization with running a well-organized meet, meet the local officials, be allowed on deck and mingle with the swimmer and have access to your swimmers while they are on deck. On top of this, you will have access to free food as a courtesy from the local clubs for your time.
Here are the basic steps to  join USA Swimming as an Official and be certified by the local swimming clubs :
  1. Register as an apprentice official. Once your training is completed, you will register and pay membership dues as a full official.
  2. Attend an officials clinic (stroke and turn training)
  3. Complete a Level 2 Background Check
  4. Complete Athlete Protection Training
  5. Complete on-deck sessions shadowing a certified official
  • To register as an apprentice you will need to contact Colorado Swimming and follow the instructions on the officials corner tab, this site also has the officials clinic for stroke and turn which is the beginning level for officials.  Classes are offered between October and February.
  • As part of registration, you will need complete and pass a background check, please contact the club treasurer for reimbursement. 
  • Once you have complete the athlete protection training you will be allowed to complete 22 hours of shadowing a certified official.  After completing 22 hours you are a certified official. The club will reimburse the cost of uniform as well.
  • The forms and the athlete protection training are located in the USA Swimming website.
  • In order to maintain the certification, you will need to do at least 10 sessions (each session is 4 hours) a year. You can follow the number of sessions you have complete in the USA Swimming website
  • Please contact Mike Ruttenberg (vicepresident@teamvortex.org) or Ricardo Sarti (ricardosarti@gmail.com) for more information.

More information can also be found here.