Group Move-Up Policy

The overall goal of the Vortex group integration is to develop skill proficient athletes that are able to advance their training and competitive swimming career through consistent practice and competition events.  The integration process builds upon a prerequisite skill set that must be in place before advancement is pursued.  The following guidelines are in place for the best interest of the athlete, the athlete’s family and the integrity of the various training groups on Team Vortex.  They are also in place to allow the Team Vortex coaching staff the ability to maintain group integrity and allow a thoughtful athlete driven advancement curve that ensures long term athlete development. The Head Coach at each facility is responsible for all group move-up decisions.

Factors that weigh into group placement and group move-up decisions:

  • Level of commitment to practice attendance and competition expectations
  • Training group effort and behavior
  • Psychological maturity level
  • Physiological needs
  • Competitive maturity
  • Independence and self-reliance
  • Age
  • Coachability

Any group move ups will be carried out by the coaching staff, which will consider four factors.  If the athlete meets the requirements of physiological readiness, psychological readiness, technical readiness and tactical readiness with the coaching staff; they will be moved.  If the athlete still needs to develop in any of the categories they will remain in their current group and continue to work on the developmental factors.