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Practice Locations

Vortex Swim Club practices at EPIC, the Mulberry Pool, the Raintree Athletic Club.  Please check practice schedule for group practice locations.



Raintree Athletic Club

2555 S Shields St, Fort Collins, CO 80526


Policy for Entering the Raintree Athletic Club during the COVID-19 Pandemic:

  • Primary Location for ENTRY will be the West side (back) of the shopping complex in which Raintree Athletic Club is located, entering directly into the pool area. NOTE: the back of Raintree is a loading dock.
  • The Drop Off location is to be accessed from Raintree Dr. (a street that wraps behind the shopping center from Shields St. to Drake Rd.
    • Turn into the cirucular drive behind the club from the south end, drop off your swimmer, and exit out the north end of the drive.
  • Swimmers should arrive 5 10 minutes early.
  • Cones will be placed at locations for Social Distancing. A Vortex coach will direct the swimmers to the proper cone.
  • Swimmers must arrive with their swimsuit on, their mask on, and their own towel.
  • A Vortex Swim Coach will escort the swimmers to and from the pool area.
  • Once inside the pool, the swimmer will go to a cone of the same color to place their bags.
  • Swimmers will have access to the single-occupancy restrooms in the family changing room.
  • In an emergency or a moment of urgency, parents can contat a coach on deck via the same entry door.
    • (We are unable to let non-RAC member parents wait inside due to occupancy limits outlined in the Larimer County Variance; however, RAC member parents are welcome to use the RAC facilities while their children are swimming. They can access the club via the front desk as standard.)
  • The Pick Up area will be on the South end of the shopping complex.
  • Swimmers will be escorted to that location by a Vortex Swim Coach.
  • During inclement weather, the Pick Up area will also be used for Drop Off. Should that occur, the cones will be set up in the Pick Up Area.

This is a living policy and any changes will be communicated here and through email (e.g., cold weather will likely change the pre-paractice congregating location.)

​(updated 8/29/2020)

Mulberry Pool
424 W Mulberry St, Fort Collins, CO 80524
  • Swimmers must arrive with their swimsuit on, their mask on, and their own towel.
  • Vortex Swim Coach will meet the swimmers outside of the building and walk them to and from the pool area.



EPIC (Edora Pool & Ice Center) 1801 Riverside Ave, Fort Collins, CO 80525