Meets: The Woodmoor Waves Swim Team attends meets throughout the state of Colorado, and occasionally out of state. We attend meets that offer opportunities to all level of swimmers on our team. The Woodmoor Waves Swim Team focuses its swim meet schedule around competitions put on by Colorado Swimming, Inc (CSI). These year-round swim meets offer the best of competitive swimming opportunities within our state. Our team will make scheduling decisions that are in the best interest of swimmers who compete at this level. We also attend local developmental meets organized by the Mountain Swim League (MSL). The MSL is an association of teams in the Colorado Springs area and Pueblo. These meets are designed to assist entry-level swimmers in their transition into the world of competitive swimming. 

Meet Entry Procedure: For all meets we will be asking each family to inform us of the days your swimmer(s) will be able to attend, not the events they wish to swim. Our coaches will be making all event choices for each swimmer. If the events offered on each day are appropriate to a swimmer's age and ability, it is expected that swimmer(s) are available to participate. Please confirm your swimmers attendance through the "Attend this Event" button for each meet.
Each meet will be given an entry deadline that differs from that found in the meet info packet. Once the entry deadline has passed, our coaches will submit entries to the host team. Each family will be emailed a bill for the entry fees within a week of the meet entry deadline.  The entry deadline can be a moving target, especially for "open" meets.  We will try to post the meet information as soon as possible, but the entry deadline cannot be officially posted until the hosting swim team makes it available. 

Swim Meet Jargon:
Invite/Invitational - Hosting swim team has invited our team to participate.
Open - Any team is welcome to submit their entries to the hosting team. 
Championships - End of the season (short course or long course) meets.  They may or may not have qualifying times. 
LCM - Long Course Meters - 50 meters
SCY - Short Course Yards - 25 yards
SCM - Short Course Meters - 25 meters