Thanks for making Water World 2019 a success and we look forward to you joining us at Water World in the Summer of 2020! Look for details about our Summer 2020 event here in May 2020.



Event Held on - July 11, 2019   |   Signup Deadline - July 5, 2019

Who is ready for some team fun?!?  The Waves are all set for our annual Water World Extravaganza on Thursday July 11!!  We will have a reserved pavilion on the South side of the Big Wave pool (same spot as last year!) to drop your gear off and hang out and socialize when you are not out in the park.  We'll meet at the Water World parking lot at 9:45 am to hand out tickets and then enjoy the park for the day.

You have two awesome ticket options:


1)  “Otter This” World  (ticket + food voucher) -  $39/each   Price includes park admission as well a food voucher for your choice of hamburger or chicken tenders, hotdog, chips or fries and a drink OR a personal pizza and a drink OR salad and a drink.


2) Ticket only - $30/each


Sign-up today using the 'Job Signup' link at the top right corner of this page and then you will be able to select the number of tickets you want. For signup we created two jobs -- 1) Otter this World and 2) Admission Only. You should check the box next to one of the lines for each ticket you want. So if you want 3 Otter this World tickets, then select 3 rows and then click 'signup'.  Or, if you want 2 Otter this World and 1 Admission only ticket, then select 2 lines of Otter this World and scroll down the page and select one Admission only line and then click ' signup'. Please confirm after you have saved that your name appears on the line -- we will disperse tickets at the park entrance and will know to look for your swimmers/family members if you (the parent) isn't attending. If your plans change, you can go back into job signup and remove your signup or add additional members to your group before the signup deadline. There are unlimited tickets available and more lines will be added as more people sign up.


Friends, siblings and additional family members are all invited too!  If you have tickets you want to use from another program, no problem!  You can still join us at the "Waves Party Pavilion." 


If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected]