Junior Performance (JP) - Building the Engine! 

This program is intended for the age group swimmers that have goals of pursuing their swimming career as far as possible. The practice direction, structure and difficulty will be designed to meet that end years down the road.  

Objective: Aerobic development; skill/drill correction  

Structure: 20-30% Drills/Teaching; 20% Kicking; 50-60% Aerobic/Swimming

Daily Volume: 4000-5000yds

General Skills: 5+ dolphin kicks off walls for butterfly, backstroke and freestyle; sculling; dolphin kick on back in streamline; breaststroke kicking     

*In JP swimmers should already have mastered the main drills/skills for each stroke. The focus is on strong aerobic development. Three to four times a week, do an aerobic set lasting 45 minutes to 1 hour with minimal rest. Spend 1 hour per week on each stroke (improve learned skills/drills: learn new skills/drills. Swimmers should be able to compete in all competitive events offered.