Orange – Building Technique!

Swimmers progress from Learn-to-Swim, Ripples to Orange where the focus is on technique and skill development while introducing an aerobic training program.

Objective: Continue to develop strokes/skills/drills; begin aerobic swimming 

Structure: 50% Drills/Teaching; 20% Kicking; 30% Aerobic/Swimming

Daily Volume: 1500-2000yds

General Skills: Streamlines; 3 dolphin kicks for butterfly, backstroke and freestyle; sculling; dolphin kick on back; breaststroke kick on front, no board

*A Orange group swimmer will have a basic knowledge of “training” and know how to read a pace clock. They should be doing longer aerobic sets (6 X 100, 8 X 75 etc). Spend 45 minutes per week on each stroke (improve learned skills/drills; learn new skills/drills). Twice per week do a long aerobic set lasting 20-25 minutes with minimal rest. Should be able to compete in the 100's of the strokes 200 Free and 100 IM.