To inspire and encourage our members to achieve excellence in the sport of swimming and in life.


We are committed to inspire excellence, improvement of the sport, strong work ethic, character and self-esteem through the sport of swimming; and providing a safe and positive environment for all members, where everyone takes pride in each other at all levels of competition. 

Coach's Philosophy: 

We strive to provide swimmers with the optimum environment and the right opportunities at each stage of their development to enable them to achieve excellence.  

Woodmoor Waves swimmers will be:

• encouraged to fulfill their potential as an athlete and to develop their personal and life skills;

• taught to appreciate the philosophy which embraces the virtues characteristic of all great athletes;

• encouraged to see that hard work and honest endeavor achieve success;

• brought to understand the value of supporting their team, and the value of support from their team;

• constantly challenged;

• taught to win with humility and lose with resolve, and to embrace the commitment to always do their personal best.