Iron Wolf

              The goal of the Iron Wolf program is to encourage swimmers to try all strokes and distances. Learning where their strengths are is an important part of growing in the sport, and the events they find the most success in maybe not be those they would pick for themselves. Our goal is to develop complete swimmers with experience in all events.

              This program will run all season long (Sept – July). In order to qualify, a swimmer must complete all events listed for their age group below. Age will be determined by the date of completion of the last event. Please email your coach when you believe your child has completed all events for their age group and include your child’s shirt size.


  • 25: Fly, Back, Breast, Free
  • 50: Fly, Back, Breast, Free
  • 100: Free, IM, Fly/Back/Breast (2 of 3)


  • 50: Fly, Back, Breast, Free
  • 100: Fly, Back, Breast, Free, IM
  • 200: IM


  • 50: Fly, Back, Breast, Free
  • 100: Fly, Back, Breast, Free, IM
  • 200: Free, IM, Fly/Back/Breast (2 of 3)
  • Distance: 400/500 Free, 400 IM


  • 50: Free
  • 100: Fly, Back, Breast, Free
  • 200: Fly, Back Breast, Free IM
  • Distance: 400/500 Free, 400 IM, 1500/1650 Free


I Heart Kick

              The I Heart Kick program is intended to encourage swimmers to improve their kicking and track their progress throughout the season. Kicking isn’t glamorous but it’s an integral part of improvement in our sport, especially at the younger levels.

              The program will run all season long (Sept – July) and will be tested 2-3 times a year at your coach’s discretion. Completion of the program will be based on a timed 300 flutter kick. Swimmers can qualify by meeting the time standard for their group or improving their time more than 10% over the course of the season.

  • Blue – 6:30 or 10% improvement
  • Bronze – 6:00 or 10% improvement
  • Silver – 5:30 or 10% improvement
  • Gold – 5:00 or 10% improvement


Try Hard

              Our Try Hard program is to recognize athletes that show their commitment to the sport through their attendance. We do not have attendance requirements for any of our groups, but we do want to recognize our swimmers that make practice a priority. Attendance will be tracked separately for Short Course and Long Course seasons. Athletes meeting the below percentage requirements will receive a Try Hard shirt for their efforts.

  • Blue – 75% or higher
  • Bronze – 80% or higher
  • Silver – 85% or higher
  • Gold – 90% or higher