USA SWIMMING REGISTRATION & INSURANCE  (annual fee) $76.00 per athlete

CUDA remits directly to Colorado Swimming for each swimmer and is renewed each year.


NEW ATHLETE CUDA CAP - $15.00 per new athlete registering for the team.


CUDA FAMILY MEMBERSHIP FEE (annual fee) $170.00 per family



This membership fee is assessed yearly to each family  at the time of registration, and will cover your Membership to the team for the entire swim year (Sept - August). 


SEASON DUES BY GROUP 2020/2021 (monthly fee) – For your convenience, we offer an 11-month billing cycle (no bill in August). 

  • $   75.00 monthly - Developmental
  • $   86.00 monthly - Advanced Developmental
  • $   97.00 monthly - Red
  • $   112.00 monthly - Silver
  • $ 140.00 monthly - White
  • $ 140.00 Monthly - Senior
  • $ 148.00 monthly - Gray
  • $ 155.00 monthly - Black
  • $ 167.00 monthly - Gold
  • $ 173.00 monthly - Elite -PREP  (June and July will be $192)
  • $ 192.00 monthly - Elite​
  • $   74.00 monthly - High School (Senior Group)
  • $  115.00 monthly - High School (Gold/Elite Prep/Elite)
  • $  430.00 Annually - Alumni              


1st  Swimmer - Highest Group -  Pay 100%
2nd Swimmer - Next Highest Group - Pay 100%                                                  
3rd  Swimmer - Next Highest Group - Pay 85%

4th Swimmer and all thereafter - Next Highest Group - Pay 50%



Front Range Barracuda Swim Club ABBREVIATION OR CODE IS CUDA



PAYMENT OPTIONS: There are 2 ways to pay your invoice

   Automatic Checking Withdrawal (ACH): 

Sign up for Automatic Checking Account Withdrawal on the team’s website. Your account will automatically be debited for the amount owed on the 1st of each month. Please make sure to check you invoice prior to the 1st of the month. Any questions should be sent to  [email protected]

Credit Card (CC): You may sign up to have your bill charged to your favorite credit card (VISA and MasterCard) only. Sign-up again is handled in a secure fashion on the team’s website. There is no fee for this service.

DUES AND MEET FEE PAYMENT POLICY: All dues and meet fees are billed on the 1st of the month with payment charged by ACH or CC. Each family MUST have a card or checking account on file in order for your athlete to swim. 

Non-payment of all dues/fees past the 1st day of the following month will necessitate non-participation for the swimmer(s) in practice and all meets until payment is made.

Late Fee: If dues are not paid by the 3rd (CC, ACH), a $15 late fee will be assessed and the swimmer(s) will not be allowed to practice.

VACATING TEAM PRIOR TO END OF YEAR POLICY:  Members must give 30 days written notice to coaches and Account Manager prior to vacating the team.  If 30 day written notice is not given, then you will be responsible for paying the following months dues.  

 Please send any questions to Coach Eric at  [email protected]