CUDA Findraising Policy

The Front Range Barracuda Swim Club (CUDA) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and a member of USA Swimming. Dues pay only a portion of the team’s expenses - with your help and contributions we can keep our fees low and our program’s quality high. Swim fees alone cannot cover all of the expenses of CUDA: all coaches' salaries, travel expenses, training expenses, pool supplies, etc. are the responsibility of the team. To supplement the income expenses of the team we must ALL be active and contribute to our fund-raising efforts.

Each CUDA family with a registered swimmer is responsible for meeting the fundraising commitment of $50 for Short Course season (SC) and $50 for Long Course season (LC) or a total of $100 for the entire Swim Year.  The amount of $50 is billed upfront together with registration fees at the start of each the Short and Long Course Season. Any credit accumulated from the previous season will be applied to the swimmers current account balance.

Swim families are able to credit any amount thru any combination of King Soopers, scrip cards, Advertising/Sponsorship (paid for by the family or by a corporate sponsor) and other various fundraisers EXCEPT the Annual Team CUDA Swim-a-Thon.

Any amount solicited at the Annual Team CUDA Swim-a-Thon DOES NOT go towards any credit to the fundraising commitment nor to team due and fees. NO percentage credit will be accrued to the swimmer’s account.

Except for the Annual Team CUDA Swim-a-Thon, you can accumulate enough profit/discounts from these fundraisers to fulfill each season’s fundraising commitment. After fulfilling the $50 of each season’s fundraising commitment, a portion of the discount (50%) will be credited back to
a family’s account to offset next season’s dues and fees.

Questions can be directed to the CUDA Fundraising Coordinator.  Bree Kimbrough -

ShopWithScrip Program

Your account was recently charged $50 for the seasonal fundraising commitment. Do you know there is a way to earn that $50 back, and even more for your account? Some of our swimmer families received fundraising credits of $200 or more back on their accounts through fundraising.

The Front Range Barracudas uses the ShopWithScrip program to allow families to raise money for their accounts, and for the team.

ShopWithScrip is a program that allows families to purchase 100’s of types of physical gift cards, electronic gift cards and reloadable gift cards at a discount. The difference between the value of the gift card and the discounted price is credited to the swim team as a rebate. Families may also order King Sooper’s Scrip cards in this program.

The team gives families the full price of the rebate up to $50 as a credit to their account. After you hit the $50, the rebate gets split 50/50 with the team. With scrip fundraising, families can easily earn their $50 fundraising commitment while they shop. Simply use scrip gift cards for everyday purchases, and earn a rebate on each one at no additional cost.

It is easy to register:

  • Go to and click on Enroll. Include swimmer name so account is credited correctly.
  • The Barracudas enrollment code is: 89A6D31B14921 .
  • SWS Coordinator Email:
  • Once you are enrolled, sign-up for Presto Pay. We do not accept checks for this program.

Now, you are ready to SHOP!

All purchases for physical gift cards will be made directly through the ShopWithScrip website. Twice a month on the 15th and 30th, we will gather all the orders for processing and place the order. Your card(s) will be delivered to the Scrip Coordinator who will make arrangements with you to give you your scrip.

You will be able to track all your purchases and your swimmer accounts will be credited at the beginning of the next season any credits that are due.

The Scrip Coordinator, Mike and Bree Kimbrough, can be reached at Contact them with any questions or concerns.


You will be AMAZED at how easy it is to earn money using the ShopwithScrip program$$$$


Types of Gift Cards you can Purchase


King Soopers Cards

King Soopers cards can be purchased through the program. You would purchase a $25 gift card for $25. The cards are reloadable at King Soopers. I keep my King Soopers card with me in my wallet.

When I get to the register I take a quick look at my cart and determine how much I think it will cost. Before the cashier begins ringing up my order I hand her the gift card and ask her “can I put $200 [or whatever amount you choose] on this card?” The cashier takes the card and rings it up like a regular order. You can pay with your debit card or you can pay with your credit card. The cashier then rings up your food like normal. You use the King Soopers gift card to pay for the food. If the card doesn’t have enough funds on it you can pay the rest in cash, check or charge. If you have extra money on the card it stays on the card until you use it. The King Soopers gift card can also be used for gasoline. Each time you reload the King Soopers gift card there is a 5% rebate from King Soopers. Many families received hundreds of dollars in rebates just from using the King Soopers cards. You do not need to keep track of your reloads. King Soopers sends a report to the Scrip Coordinator, who then adds the rebate to your account on ShopWithScrip. - Cuda Scrip-using Parent

Physical Gift Cards

You can purchase physical gift cards from ShopWithScrip. This is similar to purchasing a gift card at a store. You purchase a gift card for the value of the gift card. has 100’s of types of gift cards you can purchase. Each card gives a rebate. When you click on the store it will show you the rebate you would get. Rebates range from 3% to 16%. There is a handy feature to show you the companies that offer more than 9% rebates.

Reloadable Gift Cards

A reloadable card is a card you can reload on the site. For example, you purchase a Subway gift card. You can reload that physical card with more funds. You don’t have to keep getting plastic cards, or waiting for them to come in. Reload it on your computer and you get the funds within a few minutes. This is handy for parents with kids in college.


ScripNow allows you to purchase electronic gift cards right on your phone or electronic device. Perhaps you don’t want to buy a number of gift cards to restaurants because you never seem to have the card when you go to the restaurant. With ScripNow you can order your meal at Buffalo Wild Wings, or California Pizza Kitchen or a number of other restaurants, and order a gift card to purchase the meal on your phone, while you eat. Many restaurants give 8-9% back in rebates. This works well for a last minute trip to Lowes (4%), AMC (8%), The Gap, Old Navy or Banana Republic (14%). A great strategy is for example:  Use ScripNow for Starbucks to get the 7% rebate, then load those onto your Starbucks Rewards Card. That way you get the 7% back to my swimming account in addition to the Starbucks rewards.

Other Fundraising Options

Team Sponsorships - Click here for more info

Annual Team CUDA Swim-A-Thon
For this once-a-year fundraiser, a swimmer swims as many lengths as possible (not to exceed
200) within 2 hours. Swimmers solicit pledges and or donations from family, friends and
neighbors (prior to the event) for the number of laps swam. Every swimmer is required to
participate in soliciting pledges. Any amount solicited at this fundraiser DOES NOT go towards
your fundraising commitment. NO percentage credit shall be accrued to the swimmer’s account.
However, all personal or corporate matching pledges/ donations to CUDA are tax deductible and
we will issue receipts when requested.