Front Range Barracuda Swim Club Team Handbook

Welcome to the Front Range Barracuda Swim Club – we are thrilled to have you on the team! This handbook is a “quick start guide” to get you started with the team!  Please let us know if you have any questions at all!

The Club

The CUDA swim club is a competitive swim club.  The CUDAs are a member club within USA Swimming.

CUDA Mission Statement

One Team, serving our community by building champions in and out of the water.


Our Key Values:

Character: Our first priority is realizing the fullest potential of each child’s athleticism, competitive spirit, Team spirit, and citizenship.

Respect: We will treat each other with respect and fairness at all times, just as we wish to be treated ourselves.

Integrity: We adhere to honesty, fairness and doing the right thing without compromise, even when circumstances make it difficult.

SafeSport: We seek to create a healthy, supportive environment for our swimmers in and out of the water.


Board of Directors

The CUDA swim club is a non-profit 501(C)3 club. It is a parent and head coach run club which differs from a coach run club. Board Members are volunteers and elected from the swimmer parent body of membership. Terms are for two years and individuals rotate off to ensure that the entire Board of Directors is not new at one time. Comments or feedback can be provided to any CUDA board member or coach. Board Member and coach contact information can be found on the CUDA team website: Under Club Info.

Swim Seasons – Short Course & Long Course

The CUDAs are a year-round swim club with swimmers training and competing year round from September through July. There are 2 "seasons" during the swim year.

Short Course

Dates: September – March

Short course meets are held in 25 yard pool facilities. Events are recorded as Short Course Yards (SCY) when looking for these in swimmer timed records.

Long Course

Dates: April – July

Long Course meets are held in 50 meter pool facilities, like the Veteran’s Memorial Aquatics Center in Thornton. Events are recorded as Long Course Meters (LCM) when looking for these in swimmer timed records.

The Website

All information you're looking for can be accessed along the top bar of the desktop version, or by clicking the three horizontal lines on the top right of the website when viewing on your mobile device.  You'll need to be logged in to your account in order to access certain information.  If you can't see what you're looking for, try logging in.  That is likely the answer.

The practice schedule is a living document and is only updated 1 to 2 months at a time.  It's important to keep an eye on it for any potential practice time shifts that may happen throughout the month - check it often. 

OnDeck is an App version of our website that is pretty specific to performance and time stansards. This does not have everything the website has. Download this app on your phone or tablet and you can look up your athletes best times and see what the next qualification/goal time is!

Committing your Swimmer for a Swim Meet

You'll need to make sure you're signed into your account.  If you are in your trial period and do not have an account - contact your coach, all emails are on the homepage of the website under the “Coaches” Tab.

All of the meets are listed in the events section on the home page for both the desktop and mobile versions of the website.  Click on "More Events" to see everything available.

All Swim meets require you to commit your swimmer by a predetermined date.  You will see that information in the details of each meet on the website.  Our coaches can not enter your swimmers after those dates.  Please be sure to get your swimmers committed by the deadlines!

To read the details of the meet and "The Meet Packet", you need to click into the title of each individual meet.

You'll see notes from our coaches about each meet and also info about sign up deadlines.  The Meet Packet is always attached at the bottom and contains useful information about each meet.

To commit your swimmer, click on "Edit Commitment" and beside whatever swimmer your responding for choose "Committed" under the "Member Commitment" column.

Choose what day(s) and session(s) you want your swimmer to swim and be sure to "Save" your changes.

You can make some notes as to what races your swimmer may want to swim in the "Notes" section, BUT the evets your athletes swim at a meet will be at the coaches discretion - our coaches have final say in what races our swimmers swim at each meet.

How to Sign Up for Events

Not all events require a sign up. If you're interested in attending, be sure to look online and see if sign-ups are required and whether there is an RSVP date.  You can find this info by clicking into the specific event you’re interested in.

You will commit your swimmer to an event the same way you do for a swim meet. If notes are requested, please enter them so we plan accordingly.

Many events ask for snack donations that will be shared with our swimmers.  If you're interested in contributing, you will sign up to bring a snack the same way you sign up for a service job.

Parent Expectations

Dues & Payments

Swimmers are classified into swimmer groups: Developmental, Advanced Developments, Red, Silver, White, Gray, Black, Senior, Elite Prep and Elite. Swim groups are based on age, current swimmer abilities, mastery of stokes, and swim times. Move ups can be any time during the season based on the determination of the coaching staff. Adjustments to the required dues will occur at this point. Most will occur at the end of the seasons.  Click here for more info about fees and dues.

Meet Fees

All meet fees are IN ADDITION to monthly team dues. Parents MUST select for a swimmer to participate in a meet through the team website, selecting which days or sessions the swimmer will participate in. Parents will be billed for meets selected and this will be added to your account. Small meets are typically a flat fee (example: Pizza meets = approx $13) and larger meets have both Splash fees and a fee per event swam.  So the cost depends on the meet and the number of events.

Coaches will select the events for each swimmer. If parents have recommendations or suggestions, please discuss this directly with the coaches or enter the data into the NOTES section of the meet confirmation on the website. All meet fees are final upon sign up, so it is important that you mark that meet on the calendar and attend. Payments are posted to your account at the time of the meet, then the payment will be made by credit card or ACH on the 1st of the following month at the same time that the monthly dues are due for the following month.  Please contact the Account Manager for more information at [email protected]. Meet fees are non-refundable.

Example for a new member in Developmental Group:

Oct 1: Total = approx $326 (fees charges on Oct 1)

$78 USA Swimming Membership

$170 CUDA Membership Annual fee

$15 CUDA Cap

$75 Developmental group dues for October


Nov 1: Total = approx $98 (fee charged on Nov 1)

approx $20 Red/Black Meet (Oct 4th)

approx $13 October Pizza Meet (Oct 18th)

$75 Developmental Group Dues for November


Example for a new member in White Group:

Oct 1: Total = $383 (fees charges on Oct 1)

$78 USA Swimming Membership

$170 CUDA Membership Annual fee

$15 CUDA Cap

$140 White group dues for October


Nov 1: Total = approx $203 (fee charged on Nov 1)

approx $20 Red/Black Meet (Oct 4th)

approx $61 Scary Fast Meet - 8 events (Oct 18th-20th): includes $10 splash fee, $5.75/event, $5 travel fee (if you swam more or less events, this fee would change)

$140 White Group Dues for November


Example for a new member in Black Group:

Oct 1: Total = approx $401 (fees charges on Oct 1)

$78 USA Swimming Membership

$170 CUDA Membership Annual fee

$15 CUDA Cap

$160 Black group dues for October


Nov 1: Total = approx $244 (fee charged on Nov 1)

approx $20 Red/Black Meet (Oct 4th)

approx $84 Scary Fast Meet - 12 events (Oct 18th-20th): includes $10 splash fee, $5.75/event, $5 travel fee (if you swam less events, this fee would change)

$160 Black Group Group Dues for November


High School Swimmers

All High School swimmers must declare the month prior to the High School season if they will continue to swim with the CUDAs OR suspend their team activation status for the High School season. Contact the CUDA Account Manager to inform them of the decision prior to the billing cycle to ensure billing is addressed correctly. They will be allowed to swim with the CUDAs and participate in club meets. Swimmers who choose to ONLY swim with the High School team are not allowed to swim with the CUDAs during that time nor participate in club meets.


All funds raised are split 50-50 with the Team and your athletes accout. Funds will be allocated directly to the swimmer's account at the end of the season, IF you register for the next season. All fundraising money will be forfeited if not registering for the next season. 

Visit this link to learn more!

Contact the Fundraising Coordinator for additional info: [email protected]

Volunteering Commitments/Requirements

All CUDA families are expected to commit volunteer hours to help the team.  Click here for all the details.

How to Sign up for Service Hour Jobs

We will need your help to make each CUDA hosted swim meet a success!  In addition, we often need help with timing jobs for meets at other pools during the year. These jobs are posted as information is available and we thank you for taking the time to sign up and help us out!

You'll need to make sure you're signed into your account.  To sign up for a job, click on "Job SignUp" to bring up a list of all the open jobs for that event.

After you check which job(s) you're interested in, be sure to click the "Sign Up" button at the bottom of the screen.  Another screen will pop "Sign Up" again to confirm your spots.

  • In order to be fair to everyone, we limit the number of jobs you can work at most swim meets to 2 during the course of the weekend.
  • Service hours are only given to the person that signs up for the job.  You can't assign your hours to a friend. Anyone can work your service hours for you.  If someone else will be working for you, please enter their name so we know who to expect for check in.
  • Jobs for meets early in the season seem to fill up fast, but don't worry; there are plenty of other opportunities to fulfill your service hours during the season!
  • Check in for all VMAC service hour jobs takes place by the entrance to the pool.

Volunteer Program Fee Payments**

Families not completing their volunteer hours will be billed $50 per missed volunteer hour for the year. If you have not fulfilled your families’ volunteer hours by the end of February for Short Course and the end of July for Long Course you will be billed on the first of the month following. 

** Service Hours will not be prorated for families who choose to leave the swim team prior to the end of a season.  Families who leave before the end of a season will have the option of paying out the remaining balance of service hours based on the pay structure previously stated or they may continue to serve at meets until the end of the season.  Exception to rule:  If a swimmer leaves the team before the end of the current season, their service hours will be prorated only in the event of an athlete injury accompanied with a doctor's note, death in the immediate family, or relocation of family outside of a 30 mile radius from home pool.

Swimmer Expectations


Swimming is both an individual and team sport. Swimmers work directly with their coaches and in the company of their teammates. For the CUDAs, swimmers are expected to:

  • Attend the required number of practices for their swimmer group
  • Notify and work with your coaches for changes to the weekly schedule
  • Come prepared to practice with the required equipment for their swimmer group
  • Abide by the Swimmer Code of Conduct

Meets Requirements

While at meets, it is important to show our team spirit & support our teammates. Keep these items in mind for meets.

  • Support team mates – Cheering on all swimmers
  • Check in with your coach before and after each swim. Warm up/down as directed by the coaches.
  • Wear CUDA apparel – Represent your Team!
  • Eat Healthy Food & Drinks lots of water during the meet! 
  • Be on time for Warm- ups! Arrive 20 minutes prior the posted warm up time for stretching!
  • Keep warm, wear clothes during the meet!

Swimmer Equipment: Swim gear by group level

  • Developmental/Advanced Developmental: fins
  • Red/Silver: fins, water bottle
  • White/Gray/Black/Senior/Elite Prep/Elite: mesh bag, fins, strokemaker paddles, snorkel, water bottle
  • Given the amount of time your swimmer spends in the pool, it is recommended that the practice suits are polyester and not lycra.
  • CUDA cap for swim meets – 2 caps are recommended in case one breaks.
  • Goggles – 2 pairs in case one gets lost or broken.
  • Team apparel for swim meets – team colors – Red and Black!

Purchasing Swimmer Gear

The CUDAs have a strong working relationship with MI Sports as our preferred vendor. All swim equipment can be purchased through them by either calling them directly. They are also set up at all of our hosted meets and most meets we attend. This information is also located on the team website at under the Parents tab.

MI Sports


Sign up for at least 2 meets per season, but participating in at least 1 meet per month is strongly encouraged. Only through the meets can the swimmers really get a gage on how well they are improving. The meets can be chosen at parents’ discretion, based on qualifying times, and the suggested meet schedule. If there are questions, discuss with the coaches. If you are unsure about which meets to attend, please ask your coach.

Use the team website to designate swimmer participation in upcoming swim meets. This must be done before the established deadline in order to facilitate coach’s selection of individual events and to submit entries for the meet. Parents are expected to choose which meets to attend on the website, and once entered (after the deadline too) the charges will be posted to the swimmer's account with no exceptions. Meet fees are non-refundable!!

Pizza Meets are for our youngest swimmers - this allows them to get aclimated to a swim meet format in a very low pressure setting!  It may have 1 or 2 other teams and is typically for swimmers age 10 and under.

A quick reminder: Parents are not allowed on the swim deck, so please be sure your swimmer has everything they need on the deck with them!  The team sits together and the coaches guide them on when and where to go for events, warm-ups, etc.

Heat sheets:  if you are new to swimming, this is how you know when and where your athlete is swimming. At our hosted meets, we post them online before the meet for you to print out.  At away meet you will purchase them when you arrive.  Look for the Event #, Heat # and Lane your swimmer will be in and write it on their arm with a sharpie (ex.  Athlete is swimmingthe 50 free in Event #10, Heat #3, Lane 4:  write it on their arm like this: 10/3/4 50 Free)

What to Bring

Each pool hosting the various meets is different. It is recommended to bring a variety of seating options depending on the meet location. Recommendations include:

  • bench seats, stadium seating or folding chairs
  • blankets for the swimmers to hang out on
  • at least 2 towels
  • sharpee or ball point pen for marking meet events, heats, lanes on your swimmer's arm or leg.
  • Pens and highlighter for marking programs
  • Healthy food & drinks – swimmers must have fuel for racing. Pack a variety of healthy snacks and drinks for the meets.
  • Swimmers should bring a variety of clothes for the meets (shorts, sandals, team warm-ups , extra towels, goggles, caps, suits, hats)

Actions during the Meet

CUDA Apparel & Seating

Whenever possible – try to support your team by wearing our team colors – Red and Black. Team t-shirts can be purchased as well. Try to sit by other CUDA parents/ families. This provides a great focus for the swimmers to see their cheering section and great camaraderie for parents.

Supporting your Swimmer

Parent should be watching for which events their child will be swimming. The coaching staff will be busy with other swimmers and will not be able to hunt down swimmers for individuals events. Swimmers are typically expected to line up prior to their events in a “heating” area of the pool. Watch / listen for the “first call / last call for event number” these are an indicator as to when your child will be up to swim.

Swim meet sessions will typically not run more than 4 hours for age groups under 12 years old. IF a session runs more than 4 hours, some events may be cut from the schedule and will not be swum in the next session.

If you have questions, the Swimmer FAQ on the website may have your answers: