There are so many things we love about the Cuda's!  This team has been a family for my daughter since she was 9.  We love the strong character traits that have been instilled in her through swimming for the Cuda's.   Her extremely hard work ethic has served her in achieving good grades in high school.  The perseverance she has learned in the pool has helped her overcome hurdles and plateaus in and out of the pool.  Finally, her determination and desire for mental toughness helped her not only overcome obstacles but drove her to drop 3 seconds and achieve a future's cut, a huge goal of hers.  What's really awesome to watch as she grows further into her teenage years, is the collaboration she has with her coach and how they work together to achieve her goals.  Amy (Mom to elite group swimmer)


Both our kids enjoy swimming with CUDAS! The coaches are committed and the facility where they practice, is the best any swimmer in Colorado can ask for! Over the last year, with the help of underwater cameras, the kids have learned to improve their technique. Also, the sessions with Gail (our Sports Psychologist), just before a swim meet, have helped them learn the mental toughness needed on the day of the meet! As parents, we are glad to be part of CUDAS!  ~Sesha N (Broomfield, CO)


I really like HOW Cuda delivers things beyond just in-the-water swim instruction.  For the dryland/strength training, mental toughness training, nutrition education, and college athletics seminars, they bring in specialists to teach the kids, each one an expert in their field.  No more having a swim coach try and muddle his way through a dryland session (insert endless burpees here)- instead, the kids get a fresh perspective from someone who really knows the subject matter.  I think that’s awesome!! - Tonya S (Broomfield, CO)


We came to Cudas in 2018 - The swimmers immediately accepted the new-comer, everyone was friendly and kind - they welcomed him as part of the family immediately!  The Coaching staff has been wonderful and so knowledgeable!  Improvements in technique, The fun of hard work, well-rounded training (swim, dryland/strength, nutrition, sports psychology), and the all-inclusive vibe is wonderful!  Thank you Cudas - we are very happy to be a part of this team! ~Stacie B (Erie, CO)


My 3 kids absolutely love swimming for CUDA!!  The CUDA community was instrumental in us all (my kids and myself!) settling in as quickly as we did when we moved here 3+ years ago!  The coaches and families we've met are amazing and, although I'm biased, I think my kiddos have become great little swimmers!  They span several age groups and I've been so happy with each level and each coach they've all had along the way!  There's a group for every swimmer of every ability.  - Michelle (Broomfield, CO)


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