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Vice President Clare Hickson chickson@eksc.com
Treasurer Jane Forest jforest@eksc.com
Secretary Kristi Williams kwilliams@eksc.com
Past President Eugene Chomey echomey@eksc.com
Director at Large Larry Liang lliang@eksc.com
Director at Large Troy Long tlong@eksc.com
Director at Large Rob Cole rcole@eksc.com
Director at Large Cian O'Kelly cokelly@eksc.com

Board of Director Bios

Jill Edwards, President
I have two swimmers in the club:  Drew and Cora This is our 5th year in swimming and it's hard to believe we were once upon a time going to our very first swim meet.  Since we joined Keyano, my volunteering role within the club has expanded to include being a Meet Manager, a Chaperone, a Board member, a Committee member, and now learning how to manage the entries for our swim meets. I have learned so much in these past five years and know I have many more aspects of this world of swimming yet to learn.
I work at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in the ICU as a Respiratory Therapist. I have been there for nearly 23 years and have (almost) gotten used to the night shifts. I feel that my background has enabled me to have good critical thinking skills which can be used in many other aspects of life including my time on the Board of Directors. Thank you for your support and feel free to contact me. I am always happy to welcome members to the club and the many opportunities to become involved.

Clare Hickson, Vice President
Clare has 3 swimmers in the Club - Ellen, Lauren & Bella; and has been with Keyano since moving to Edmonton from the UK in 2014.  Clare was previously a volunteer judge for British Swimming and continues to support competitive meets on deck as a volunteer.  She joined the EKSC Board in 2017 to specifically support HR activities within the Club and is excited to take on the role of Vice-President for this coming year.  She holds an Honours Degree in Business Studies and has been a Chartered Member of the UK Institute of Personnel and Development since 1994. Her experience has centred on UK utility industries and the National Health Service in England, both as an HR professional and a specialist in change and transformation. She continues to provide consultancy support to clients in the UK health sector.
Clare is usually at both Confederation and the Kinsmen, and would encourage anyone with questions, queries, concerns or feedback to contact her direct or speak to her in person; she would love to hear from you.

Kristi Williams, Secretary

Jane Forest, Treasurer

Eugene Chomey​, Past President
Eugene joined the EKSC Board in 2016 to support the Club and Sport which his daughter Sarah has been a part of since 2008.  Eugene has served on a number of Board/Groups including University of Alberta General Faculties Council, Graduate Students Association, SWAT Hockey, while in his professional career in the field of biotechnology he has implemented corporate training strategies, participated in product development while achieving presidents club status for exceeding corporate growth goals.  Eugene has the goal of serving the membership of Keyano by: continuing to develop the policies and structures of the Club; implement a strategic plan to focus on swimmer development at each level through an exceptional coaching team supported by robust operations; and foster the environment to produce exceptional athletes and people for our community.

Larry Liang, Director at Large

Troy Long, Director at Large

Personal: I have three swimmers in the club, swimming primarily out of Meadows: Colby(10), Sabastian(8), and Savannah(6). This is our 2nd year with Keyano after spending 3 years at a competitor! My wife Kerri-Anne and I made the switch to Keyano because of the reputation as a competitive club with outstanding coaches and we are thus far happy we did! Since joining Keyano, I have taken an active role in volunteering, on-deck timing and lately in the booth doing electronics, not to mention the honour of sitting on the board of directors all of which I thoroughly enjoy.  

Business: I am a Director of Transformational Governance at ATB Financial and am responsible for audit, process and policy for vendor/suppliers within Information Technology having moved into this role recently after leading the quality assurance practice for a number of years. 
Final Thought:  I am an active volunteer in many of my children's sports which include, figure skating, gymnastics, swimming, skiing, and hockey, where I am the head coach of my son's team and sit as a director of evaluations for BAHA. I have learned quite a bit about competitive swimming in the past 5 years, however I feel my real strength is communication, collaboration, and transparency and these are skills which are required to help Keyano reach it's goal of delivering a world class swim program to all ages, and all abilities with an end result of being a premier club for our athletes to grow and become great swimmers and even better people! If you see me around the pools, please come and say hi as I would like to hear your thoughts and opinions on what we should continue to do, what we should start doing, and what we should stop doing as a club! Cheers, Troy!

Rob Cole, Director at Large

Cian O'Kelly, Director at Large

I have been involved with competitive swimming for over 30 years. Growing up, I swam several years with Keyano and then five years at the University of Alberta. More recently I have been back in the water with the Edmonton Masters Swim Club. Our three kids are all Keyano swimmers with two in Silver and Gold at the Royal Glenora satellite and our eldest in the JC group at the Kinsmen. I work as a neurosurgeon at the University of Alberta Hospital and I am an Associate Professor on the teaching faculty. I look forward to serving on the EKSC board and helping the club to grow and realize its potential.

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