Frequently Asked Questions:
Edmonton Keyano Swim Club Competitive Program
How do I schedule a tryout?

EKSC offers free evaluations at various pool locations throughout the year. Please check out our website in August for start-of-season tryout dates and times. Evaluations for our competitive programs will generally be an hour long; please attend at the start of time scheduled.  


Please contact the office at [email protected] to arrange for an assessment. 


How do I register?

You can register on-line at by following the registration prompts here.
When will I know that I am registered for EKSC?
After you fill in the forms and information included in the registration (link above) on the club website, you will receive a registration invoice from Quickbooks / Edmonton Keyano. Once the registration invoice is paid, you are registered and your account will be active. You will receive an email from our website with log-in instructions to access your account. Please log-in to the website to review your information. If you have not received log-in instructions 15 days after you sent in your registration, please email us at [email protected] or call 780.432.9448.
How do I pay my training fees?
Keyano accepts payment via credit card, e-transfer, cash or check. Payments are due on the 10th of every month.. You may opt to pay your training fees one time with your registration, or you may choose to pay them over 10 equal installments, the first of which is due with your registration. 
For more information on payments and charges that may occur over the course of the season, please read this Accounting 101 Guide.
How do meet entries work?
At the beginning of every season, our coaching staff publishes a meet schedule. Parents are responsible for Signing Up for a swim meet prior to our deadline - not signing up will result in an assumed drop-out of the eligible meet. Coaches will then do the actual individual entries on behalf of all signed-up swimmers using their seasonal plan and expertise to determine the appropriate events for the swimmer.
How can I cancel my membership?
If you wish to cancel your membership, we need 2-weeks written notice. Your written notice should be sent to [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] stating your intent to withdraw. You will be responsible for all applicable fees as per the club policy.
What if my swimmer wants to take a break from swimming for a couple of months?
If you wish to become inactive from the club for any amount of time, we need 2-weeks written notice sent by email as described above. If inactive for less than 60 days, a reactivation fee of $100.00 per swimmer will be charged upon returning. Inactivity for medical reasons is not subject to the reactivation fee. 
Who do I talk to if I have a question about my bill?
If you have a question regarding your bill, send your inquiry to [email protected] or call the Keyano office at 780.432.9448.
How often would my child swim?
The number of practices per week varies depending on the group level. In order to find out when and where your child swims please consult the appropriate Practice Schedule.  
What are the costs?
All costs and responsibilities can be found on the Fees & Commitments Chart.