Update: May 23, 2020
Edmonton Keyano: COVID-19 Update
PLEASE NOTE: The Edmonton Keyano Office is closed until further notice.
If you have any questions please direct them to:
  Technical Programming: Paul Birmingham, Head Coach,   headcoach@eksc.com
  Membership & Procedures: Chris Nelson, General Manager,   generalmanager@eksc.com
  Accounts & Invoices: Colleen Bannon, Accountant,   accountant@eksc.com
Paul and Chris are currently working with National / Provincial Sport Organizations, medical / legal / sport advisors and local facilities in order to expedite the safe reopening of swimming pools for competitive swimming in the Edmonton area. As Edmonton begins to phase-in the reopening of businesses, there are some important things to note for Edmonton Keyano members:
  • Our priority is the safe reopening of our programs.
  • All programs may not reopen at once, however, as some programs reopen it will be a good sign that more programs will follow.
  • Programs may be altered for a time during the reopening phases to adhere to group size and other safety rules.
  • All decisions will be made carefully and with a safety-first priority; Keyano will not reopen until the club and the city of Edmonton have both have clear safety standards for members to follow and trust. 

This week, the city of Edmonton announced that it will not reopen any recreation centres until at least June 30, 2020, and that all outdoor pools will remain closed for the summer of 2020. Based on these most recent dates, here are some additional announcements on key Keyano membership activities in the coming weeks:

  • Regular programs will remain closed until at least June 30, 2020, including the ongoing freeze on membership fees and commitments.
  • When appropriate and safe to do so, new in-person dryland programs or boot camps may become available over the summer; these are at least a few weeks away but there is hope on the horizon!
  • The Keyano AGM will be delayed from its usual date in mid-June; we endeavour to announce an AGM over the summer to be held in-person if at all possible.

And, as we announce further postponement of regular programming it is essential for members to understand their fees and commitments for the 2019-20 season:

  • All accounts are up-to-date, and no further training fees will be posted until further notice. Please contact accountant@eksc.com for any questions about your member account. 
  • Training Fees: The unfreezing of regular training fees for the 2019-20 season depends on regular programs being reopened - which we will still do in this 2019-20 season (end of season is August 31, 2020) if circumstances allow it. In the growing unlikelihood of that happening, Keyano may instead offer optional boot camp training groups for families to opt into based on their schedules, finances and comfort. In this way, members would remain members throughout the summer even if they choose not to participate in some or all of the first phase of reopening. 
  • Participation Points: These will not be possible for most members to earn until competitions are able to resume, well into the 2020-21 season. Due to a lack of opportunity in attaining these points Keyano will be prorating all 2019-20 Participation Points commitments. Keyano will also offer any family who did not meet their prorated commitment the opportunity to carryover commitments to next season, which gives an option for members to avoid the financial aspect of this policy this season. A further announcement regarding the prorating of Participation Points commitments will be made in the next 2 weeks. 
  • Bingo Shift Commitments: Bingo Halls may still reopen this summer, in which case bingo events will become an extremely important form of fundraising for the club. However, due to a lack of opportunity in obtaining bingo shifts during the shutdown Keyano will be prorating all 2019-20 Bingo Shift commitments as of whatever date bingo events reopen. Keyano will also offer any family who does not meet their prorated commitment the opportunity to carryover commitments to next season, which gives an option for members to avoid the financial aspect of this policy this season. A further announcement regarding the prorating of Bingo Shift Commitments will come as soon as we have clear information from Bingo Halls' on their reopening time frame.

For now Keyano remains in a strong position through the temporary management of staff and expenses. Our staff have been amazing, with many full-time, part-time and furloughed staff innovating COVID phase-in programs and contributing to move our regular programs forward for next year. We will need our members' support when the time comes to get back to in-person activities and eventually into the water safely. As much as ever, we appreciate your membership moving into the 2020-21 season.  

Finally, we want to thank all members for their understanding and patience in these unprecedented circumstances. Stay safe! 

Go Bears!