Stage I
(Jun 10)
(Nov 15)
(May 5)
Facility Closure; outdoor / online dryland training / strict club protocols
This stage will introduce in-person training. Ongoing physical distancing is expected to be very important. Training fees will include bingo commitments only after bingo halls have provided AHS-approved safety plans to ensure our volunteers are safe. 
Stage II
(Jul 13)
(Feb 12)
First reopening of facility / limited group access / strict facility protocols
This stage will introduce swim training, though group sizes and training time may be limited. This stage will have a flexible fee structure as pool time may be introduced gradually and may not be available consistently to all groups.
Stage III
Facility fully operational / regular group access / refined protocols
This stage will mark the opportunity to provide reduced regular schedules. Groups will have a set schedule with reliable swimming and dryland times. Protocols will continue to be refined as long as the pandemic persists. Minor chance remains for unexpected impacts to training and schedules. 
Stage IV
Facility fully operational / return to full training post-pandemic
This stage will mark the return to full training, regular fees and commitments.