The FINA Points allow comparisons of results among different events. The FINA Points Table assigns point values to swimming performances, more points for world class performances typically 1000 or more and fewer points for slower performances.

The base times are defined every year. They refer to the latest World Record that was approved by FINA. For short course (SCM) the base times are defined with the cut-off date of August 31st. For long course (LCM) the base times are defined at the end of the year (December 31st).




1000 x ( World Record / Time Swum ) ^ 3 = FINA Points


The FINA Pointscore is not infallible. Given the points are relative to the World Record the points can be skewed by an outstanding performance by a once in a lifetime athlete. For instance Adam Peaty has made it difficult  to score relatively high points as his swims are outliers as his best times are so much more dominant than anyone else has ever been. So too with several events where the World Record is still held from a swimmer in the ’Super Suit’ era. To match some of these times without the assistance of a special swim suit is near impossibly eg Women’s 200 Butterfly.

Nevertheless the pointscore system allows a reasonable model to compare performances in swims across different events.

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