We have some important news and a minor programming change that will affect  all Bronze groups, effective immediately. 
Please read the document to fully understand, and be prepared to follow some minor, yet important changes to our operations. In the document, you will read about a very recent mandate by the City of Edmonton to meet a new set of safety protocols, especially for any swimmer that is under the age of eight.
The most important update is specifically to all parents of "Under-8" swimmers:
- Every parent of a child seven years old or younger must be on the deck during workout time
- You must hand your swimmer off to the coach at start time, and pick them up after end time
- (Many of you will be familiar with this practice in City of Edmonton programs)
We have put together a set of protocols for "Under-8" aquatic training that will be the standard from which all other pools and users in Alberta will very soon be measured. Although it may have a minor impact on our "Under-8" parents, we are pleased to say that one of the most positive results of this process is to have increased our coach to swimmer ratio in the Bronze program by over 60%. We have also set a new benchmark for safety in competitive swimming, and hope that everyone will support us through a transition to a new mode of operation.
Please make sure you read the document (link above), as it has all the relevant information for our new initiative with the City of Edmonton for all "Under-8" swimmers. 
Thank you again for your attention. We cannot wait to see you all at the pool!