The Bear Facts: Dec. 07, 2018

Brea Elford
Dec 7, 2018

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Welcome to the eighth issue of The Bear Facts: a weekly source for all things Keyano! 

In this issue you will find:

1. The Bear Essentials:
  • Satellite Training Schedule Changes
  • Terwillegar Bronze make-up date.
  • Upcoming Events/Competitions
  • Christmas Breaks
  • Volunteers Needed (Chocolate Sorters and Drivers)
  • Volunteers Needed: JP Fiset
  • Volunteer Thank You!
2. Head Coach Message

3. From the Accountant
  • Bingos
  • Participation Points
4. Christmas Camp Schedules

5. Swim Meet Write-Ups!
  • Winter Festival North
  • Candy Cane Classic
6. Science Rules! Flexibility and Mobility
7. Upcoming Events:
  • PCS Christmas Cracker
  • JP Fiset
  • Cascade Age Group Challenge
5. Bear Birthdays

Note: The newsletters are posted in the News section on the homepage, should you ever need to revisit them or see a record of our communications!

Thank you for reading. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch with the Keyano office. 

Go Bears!
Thanks to our Keyano Bear announcers this past weekend!

The Bear Essentials

Satellite  training schedule changes

The JP Fiset meet is coming up on the December 13-16 and Cascade Age Group Challenge in Calgary December 14-16. This will affect our swimmers who train out of the Kinsmen and coaches who are attending one of the two meets. We will be moving practices around to offer swimmers training who are not attending the meets.

Thursday December 13, 2018

Kinsmen Silver&Gold moves to Confederation Pool

Gold 4-5:30pm

Silver 4:15-5:30pm

Friday December 14, 2018

Kinsmen/Meadows Gold moves to Confederation Pool

Gold 4-5:30pm

Monday December 17, 2018

Kinsmen/Meadows Gold moves to Confederation Pool

Gold 4-5:30pm

Terwillegar Bronze Make Up date:

As a reminder, the Terwillegar Bronze make up date will be Friday, Dec. 21, 2018


  Upcoming Events/Competitions: 

Date Event/Competition Location Groups
Dec. 14 - 16, 2018 Cascade Age Group Challenge* Calgary B, S, G, Prov, YD
Dec. 14 - 16, 2018 JP Fiset* Edmonton qualified swimmers only

* More detailed meet information can be found at the end of this newsletter.

Christmas Breaks
Here is a list of Christmas Breaks for all of our training groups:
Bronze Last practices on Sun Dec 16
* Exception is Terwillegar who have a Fri Dec 21 make-up practice date
Next session starts on Mon Jan 7
Silver Last practice is on Fri Dec 21
Next session starts on Mon Jan 7
Gold Last practice is on Fri Dec 21
Next session starts on Mon Jan 7
Prov, YD, Junior Champ Last practice is on Fri Dec 21
Christmas Camp details to follow
iNational Last practice is on Mon Dec 24
Christmas Camp details to follow

Volunteers Needed (Chocolate Sorters and Drivers): 

We are still in need of volunteers to help sort, organize and shuttle all of the Purdy's chocolate orders! 


When: Saturday Dec. 8, 2018, 11am - 4pm - TOMORROW!!!
Where: Carolyn Dunhill's house - Southwest Edmonton Windermere North
How many: 10-12 sorters

When: Wednesday Dec. 12. Chocolate pick up would be at Carolyn's house any time during the day, and drop off would be at the Kinsmen by 4:30pm
Where: Pick up: Southwest Edmonton Windermere North; Drop off: Kinsmen
How many: 2-3 drivers

Volunteers needed: JP Fiset

OSC is looking for help at JP Fiset next weekend. They need stroke and turn Thursday pm and stroke and turn Friday am. If you are able to help officiate for a session or two, please contact Sophie Jobin at

Volunteer Thank You!!

A huge thank you to all families who helped out at both Candy Cane and the Winter Festival last weekend. It was a big and busy weekend, and we were extremely short at most sessions, but many families stepped up into new roles and went above and beyond for us. We are most appreciative; because of you, the meet ran smoothly and was a big success, and there was some truly fun and fast racing all weekend!  Thank you all.

- Loraine and Cathy, Officials Chairs

Head Coach Message

Well we are coming towards the competitive end of the pre-season. Already our Bronze/Silver/Gold/Provincial groups have competed at the Winter Festival this last weekend. It was fantastic to see so many Keyano juniors already qualified for this meet and performing so well. The Winter Festival is a relatively new meet for Alberta. The goal of the meet is to provide a ‘championship’ type feel for our youngest swimmers without making the experience to overwhelming and time consuming for parents. This meet is one of the few chances for our juniors to experience the heats/finals format of racing which is invaluable experience to have as they progress through the ranks.


One of the critical skills that an elite swimmer has to learn is how to navigate heat swims. If you ask most Olympians they will all agree that getting through prelims into the finals is almost more nerve wracking than the actual final. At the world level there are very few athletes that can coast in prelims and still expect to make finals. For the vast majority of athletes their main event is the heat and they have to fight to make the final. This is a skill in itself. A big challenge of the heat swim is getting your body and mind ready to go fast in the morning. The majority of swimmers train their main sessions in the afternoon when their bodies are warm and mind’s are alert – a luxury we don’t have for a heat swim in the morning.


Another difficulty in getting the body ready to go fast in the morning is related to mindset. Too often young swimmers who are comfortably assured to make finals at junior meets will cruise morning swims. This soon becomes a habit and when they are forced into a position where they have to swim fast in the morning (for example their first nationals) they struggle. It’s not because they aren’t physically prepared, well conditioned and technically savvy. It is because they are simply in the habit of plodding along in heats.


One of the big focuses over the next few heat/finals format meets will be for the swimmers to start to learn to swim fast in the morning as well as at night! This is what they will need to have to do if they want to succeed at the international level.


For all those competing at the major meets for December – Christmas Cracker,JP Fiset, Cascade Age Group Challenge – we all wish you the best and we know you will fight hard for Keyano!


Go Bears!


Coach Paul

From the Accountant: 

Hello Keyano families!

As we are approaching the end of 2018, and the first trimester, just a few notes. I'd also like to remind families that if they have any questions regarding payments or your account, to send me an email at and I'll be happy to help! I'm also in the office Wednesday nights from 4;6:30pm. 

1) Bingos: If you haven't worked your required bingo shifts for the first trimester, that's fine as you can carry them over into the second trimester. Just a reminder that all required bingo shifts must be worked by August 31, 2019 or your account will be charged for each bingo shift not worked. 

Each month's bingo reconciliations are posted on the website, under Parents ---> Bingo Information. Or, click on this link. If you notice any discrepancies, please contact Christine Reeves at

2) Participation Points: Participation points can be worked over the course of the season. Just a reminder that your account will be charged $5 per point not worked at the end of the season. 

The Participation Points reconciliation is posted under Parents ---> Participation Points information, and is current as of the end of the Candy Cane Classic// Winter Festival meets. You can also click on this link.

Please contact the office at if you notice any discrepancies. 

Thank you all and enjoy the rest of December!


Christmas Camp Schedules

Here is the scoop for Christmas Camp – each group below has distinct notes so please read the section(s) that apply for you: 



This 3-day camp from Jan 2-4, 2019 is available for any registered swimmers in EKSC Bronze sessions 1 or 2 or 3. There is no extra training fee for this camp. The Bronze camp goal is to spend two 20-minute segments each day on specific stroke technique progressions and another 20-minute segment each day on swimming skills, rules, and a little speed and fun for good measure.  


For session 2 and 3 swimmers:

Please note that you must have paid your EKSC registration prior to attending any workout, including the 3-day camp.


This 3-day camp from Jan 2-4, 2019 is available for any registered swimmers in EKSC Silver. There is no extra training fee for this camp. The Silver camp goal is to spend two 25-minute segments each day on specific stroke technique progressions and another 25-minute segment each day on swimming skills, rules, and a little speed and fun for good measure.


This 4-day camp from Jan 2-5, 2019 is for any registered swimmers in EKSC Gold. There is no extra training fee for this camp.


The Gold camp goal is to spend 20-30 minutes each day on stroke technique progressions, and to provide significant training challenges - providing a great boost towards qualifying and/or competing at the Alberta North Provincials and Alberta Championships in March.


Provincial /

Youth Development

This camp spans December 30-31, 2018 and January 2-5, 2019. There is no extra training fee for this camp.  


The Provincial and Youth Development groups will train together for this camp (with opportunity for YD swimmers to opt for the Gold camp if that suits their needs). The goal is to periodize the week with technique progressions, kick and pull pulses, and a variety of physiological stimuli centering on the swimmers’ early-cycle needs - providing a great boost towards qualifying and/or competing at the Alberta North Provincials and Alberta Championships in March.

Junior Championship

This camp spans December 28-31, 2018 and January 2-5, 2019. There is no extra training fee for this camp.  


The Junior Championship group will follow a standard single-double schedule, with a mid-way break on New Year’s Day. The goal is to challenge the swimmers’ aer
obic energy pathways, while providing technical progression and refinement in a variety of paces and drill-work. Kicking, pulling and multi-stroke swimming are all targets to provide an important boost towards competing at Alberta Provincials and qualifying/competing at Western Canadian Championships and Canadian Trials.


This camp spans December 27, 2018 – January 7, 2019 and takes place with the Woodlands Swim Club of Houston, Texas. Costs for this camp will be charged separately as a swimming event.


There will be a camp meeting on Wednesday, December 12th, from 4:45-5:15pm. This will include the presence of a notary to notarize your parental permission letters for under-age travel.


Swim Meet Recap!

Winter Festival North: 

24 swimmers competed in the first Alberta swim North Festival on the weekend. This two day competition is a new event aimed to have some of the top 10&girls and 11&boys compete in a provincial hosted competition. There were finals in two events in the 50 free and 50 backstroke where we saw every Keyano swimmer get make at least 1 of the 2 finals. The last events of each day were the 4x25 relays, by gender and mixed. This was an extremely fun event for our swimmers as they got to compete with swimmers from different pool and race in their first relay as a team.

Below is a list of all swimmers who competed at the Winter Festival North!: 
Bagshaw, Bevan
Bowie, Zackary
Crane, Kiera
Hiley, Alyssa
Chilton, Andrew
Forbes, Hugh
Jost, Andreas
Motan, Nicholas
Williams, Jonathan
Younger, Kolton
Long, Colby
Hatfield, Findlay
Carey, Elizabeth-Layne
Jeffrey, Pria
Xin, Jason
Broening-Chai, Naila
McGlade, Carys
Frans, Blakely
Qiu, SiAn
Mi, Connor
Deniaud, Lukas
Edwards, Cora
Fairey, Jake
Candy Cane Classic:

102 swimmers competed in the 3 day Candy Cane Meet at the Kinsmen. This is a meet that has been growing every season with the buzz of the fun meet format and the desire to race our Keyano swimmers. We saw an increase of 5 teams this season compared to last season. Our first day was the 50's of each stroke. This exciting new event was a competition to find out who is the most well rounded swimmers by adding up the times of all four 50's. Winners won a toque which they will be showing off all weekend. Congratulations to our winners: Aleckis Eguia, Claire Qui and Aylar Ghasemzadeh 

The Candy Cane meet format was a great experience for our swimmers to race learn how to swim fast in the morning and qualify for many finals races. Some swimmers raced as many as 5x in the night session including relays. Although this won't be a norm at bigger competitions, it is important for swimmers to handle the stress of racing multiple events and follow a routine of swimming down and energizing before each race. The Keyano swimmers handed multiple races very well. 

Thanks to all the volunteers who made this event happen. This is turning into one of the premier short course events in Alberta and the volunteers are what makes a competition like Candy Cane a fun and fast meet experience for all our swimmers.

Below are all the swimmers who competed at the Candy Cane Classic!:

Craig, Abigail
Hutton, Madelyn
Van, Eliot
Pretzlaff, Carter
Tomczyk, Maya
Sumaru, Lehla
Urness, Mary
Tcaciuc, Andrew
Khalil, Selena
Wardak, Yalda
omar, hussein
Rong, Sofie
Bagonza, Aaron
Long, Savannah
Charleson, Phoebe
McEachern, Rowan
Milroy, Mckenna
Jeerakathil, Kian
Gouglas, Danica
Bowie, Zackary
Davis, Isaac
Davis, Simon
Djogovic, Elle
Dunnill, Sydney
Hutton, Lucy
Jackson, Ashlee
Mahabeer, Anushka
Shelley, Lauren
Pulido, Jennifer
Qiu, Claire
Sarhan, Salma
Yang, Diana
Chan, Meagan
Chilton, Andrew
Chin, Sophia
Davies, Catalina
Deniaud, Noah
Forbes, Hugh
Haines, Clark
Hickson, Lauren
Hitchings, Mayia
Jost, Andreas
Motan, Nicholas
Lastovka, Mia
Smith, Madison
Long, Colby
Wagenseil, Vida
Evans, Bridget
Donald, Amelie
Bergman, Rachel
Hall, Josiah
Kujawa, Gabriel
Williams, Meaghan
Basler, Seth
Basler, Tess
Bracuk, Annika
Chan, Jakob
Cole, Tanner
Ludwig, Madelynn
McConnell, Parker
Mo, Emma
Newell, Chloe
Nguyen, Hugo
Robertson, Kellan
Stanton, Sophie
Eguia, Alecksis France
Yao, Allan
Bhat, Shirin
Carey, Elizabeth-Layne
Djogovic, Luka
Foster, Aaron
Jeffrey, Ellise
Mahabeer, Tejas
Ahmed, Alia
Van, Sophia
Plant, Maya
Pretzlaff, Samson
Stefanova, Mila
Carbonneau, justine
Carbonneau, Philippe
Broening-Chai, Naila
Ghasemzadeh, Aylar
Frans, Blakely
Gurnitsky, Aiden
Ahmed, Maya
Bagonza, Kasha
Deniaud, Lukas
Bashuk, Jack
Unger, Aven
Edwards, Cora
Hickson, Isabella
MacKenzie, Ailish
Marshall, Keira
Womack, Sarah
Braun, Ari
Jamieson, Ella
Paton-Lowen, Kieran
Bergman, James
Dow, Marcus
Schuler, Spencer
Eskander, Kerolos
Ludwig, Aidan
Li, Harriet

Science Rules!

From head coach Paul:

Mobility and Flexibility – What’s the difference?

Mobility and Flexibility are two terms you hear used frequently, and often at the same time. Both are very important, but they are two very different concepts. Mobility is the new term that gets thrown around a lot, but with very little understanding of what it actually is...

Flexibility is the ability to take a joint through a range of motion passively. For example, if someone takes you through a hamstring stretch whilst you are lying on your back, it is a test of your hamstring flexibility. They are passively assisting you in taking your joint through its range of motion.

Mobility is similar to flexibility in that it involves range of motion at a joint, however it is classed as active because you are doing the work yourself. For example, legs swing front on are a good test of hamstring mobility. You have to contract your muscles yourself and take your joint through its range of motion actively, as opposed to passively. However, you are still testing how ‘far’ your hamstring can go.

Both are really quite important and neither is better than the other. Often they will complement each other, but it is when you should perform flexibility or mobility that is the important factor. This is also where most people make mistakes.

When Should I Do Flexibility Training?

The biggest thing people need to know is when NOT to do flexibility training.

Passive stretching before your workout is not a good idea. When you passively stretch your muscles you are relaxing them. Consequently you are also relaxing your nervous system. When you relax your muscles and nervous system you are inhibiting their ability to produce strength and power by weakening the signal between them. It’s important that both your muscles and nervous system are firing during a training session or competition. You will reduce your risk of injury, and you will have a better performance outcome.

On the other hand, the reasons why passive stretching is so bad before a workout, is exactly the reason why it is great to do after a workout. After a workout your muscles and nervous system are all fired up, and you want them to relax. Relaxing your muscles will get them in an optimal state to enhance recovery. It’s also a great time to do some work on your flexibility, as warm muscles are much more conducive to flexibility training and you will get better results.

When Should I Do Mobility Training?

Mobility training is a perfect warm-up. It has the exact opposite effects on your body when compared to passive stretching. It enhances your neural drive, warms up your muscles more efficiently and gets your joints ready for exercise. When you warm up by moving your joints and muscles through a range of motion actively, you are stimulating your nervous system and enhancing the signal between it and the muscles. This in turn, leads to a better power and strength output, greater joint range of motion, and overall a much more efficient performance. You also get the synovial fluid (fluid in your joints that helps cushions and lubricate) going in your joints, greatly reducing joint friction.


Flexibility is important, and it’s definitely not all bad. We need to have a passive range of motion through our joints in order to be able to have the active range. If you perform mobility before exercise, you are going to enhance your performance output, and reduce the risk of soft tissue injuries and ongoing joint problems. If you stretch after your workout, you will relax your muscles and nervous system and get them ready to recover for the next session. Both are important, you just need to know when to use them.


Upcoming Events:

 This information is also found under each event on the website. 

What: OSC JP Fiset Invitational
When: December 13-December 16, 2018
Where:  Kinsmen Sport Center,9100 Walterdale Hill, Edmonton, AB T6E 2V3
Entry Fees: $10 time final events, $12 prelim/final events
Signup Deadline passed.
Cancellation Deadline: passed
Policy: In order to attend, you must sign-up online under the Events tab at
Contact Coach: Desmond Lam –
Competition Website:
Event Schedule:
Thurs Fri Sat Sun
800 Free
1500 Free
200 Free
100 Breast
200 Fly
50 back
50 back
100 Breast
50 Fly
100 Free
50 Free
100 Back
200 Breast
50 Fly
400 Free
Warmup Prelims 3pm  Warmup Prelims 7:30amFinals 4pm Warmup Prelims 7:30amFinals 4pm Warmup Prelims 7:30amFinals 4pm
Eligible Swimmers:
Lauren   Anderson
Joshua    Baldwin
Elijah       Basler
Meghan Berrigan
Sterlyng Blair
Anna       Blevins
Shayne   Bowie
Olivia      Brendzan
Garrett   Brendzan
Darian    Chan
Sarah      Chomey
Angela    Corsaro
Hannah  Cossey
Lucas      Da Matta
Yousef    Darwish
Daniela   Davies
Isabella   Dej
Alana      Devlin
Gabrielle Dunn
Drew      Edwards
Emma     Finlin
Madeline Forbes
Payton Loon
Madelynn Ludwig
Emma Mo
Chloe Newell
Hugo Newell
Ava Perkins
Kellan Robertson
Juliette Versailles
Katherine Williams
Claire      Francis
Josiah     Hall
Molli       Hay
Ellen       Hickson
Carlyn     Hiley
Madison Hudyma
Allyssa    Jerace
Lydia       Johnson
Kail          Ketelaars
Olivia      Kidd
Kate        Kolber
Gabriel   Kujawa
Matthew Lang
Aleksandr Lapshin
Mattea   Lastovka
Christey Liang
Spencer MacKenzie
Agata      Martin Ozimek
Pilar        McCann
Kyla         Nelson
Emma     O'Croinin
Kiera O'Croinin
Alexis Dodd
Emmeline O'Kelly
Kendel   Przyswitt
Kier         Przyswitt
Casey      Riess
Sophia    Robertson
Trey        Saretsky
Alain       Thorkelsson
Jagdeesh Uppal
Teagan   Vander Leek
Nathan   Versluys
Michael  Williams
Meaghan Williams
Jessika    WilsonRundong  ZhuJakob Chan
Tanner Cole
Kailee Crane
Hayden Desmerais
Taryn Duplessis
Alecksis Eguia
What: Cascade Age Group Challenge
When: December 14-December 16, 2018
Where: Repsol Sport Center,2225 Macleod Trail South, Calgary AB, T2G 5B6
Entry Fees: $12 time final events, $14 prelim/final events
Signup Deadline passed.
Cancellation Deadline: passed.
Policy: In order to attend, you must sign-up online under the Events tab at
Contact Coach: Desmond Lam –
Competition Website:
Event Schedule:
Fri Sat Sun
200 Back
100 Breast
200 Free
50 Back
100 Fly
200 IM
50 Free
400 Free
100 Free
50 Breast
100 Back
50 fly
Warmup Prelims 7:30amFinals 4:30pm Warmup Prelims 7:30amFinals 4pm Warmup Prelims 7:30amFinals 4pm
Eligible Swimmers:
Bronze swimmers should speak to their group coach to see if the events
in the meet are appropriate for them
Youth Development

Please visit the website Event page for more information and to sign up for swim meets! Click the link below to be directed to the event page.
Swim Meet Sign-Up

November Swimmer's of the Month!

Every month, each coach will select a swimmer of the month, which will be announced during the first Wednesday practice of the following month! The Swimmer's of the month are selected based on a variety of criteria, including attendance, hard work and attitude. The coaches will each provide a write-up, and we will be including that, along with an image of each swimmer from the presentation, in the newsletter!

 Ashley Jackson: Confederation Gold

Ashley's work ethic has been stellar this month. She dives into each practice eager to work hard and improve not just her race times, but her skills and technique too! She encourages the whole group at practice. 

Pria Jeffery: Confederation Silver

Pria has come along way this month in improving her technique, especially in her backstroke and her turns. She's had great attendance this month and it shows!

Lehla Sumaru: Confederation Bronze

Lehla has worked hard in the pool this month, she is attentive and clearly puts in her best with every meter. Her constant excitement to just swim has positively impacted the group and encouraged others to do their best during practice!

Blakely Frans: Terwillegar Silver

Blakely always has a smile on her face at practice, even when we are doing challenging sets! Her turns have improved each week.

Jeffrey Xu : Terwillegar Bronze
Geoffrey is new to our group this year and already showing great dedication and improvement. He has been doing really well with swim meets, and seems to enjoy competing. He is focused on improving his times at meets, and works hard to apply the corrections his coaches give him in practice. Geoffrey is always smiling in practice, and adds a very positive vibe to the group. Congratulations and keep up the great swimming!

Vida Wagenseil: Meadows Gold

Vida has a great work ethic when it comes to swimming, she showed up to practices ready to swim. She tried he hardest to make all the intervals and pushed herself further then ever before. Her butterfly has really take off and looks smooth when she swims it in the water. Can't wait to see her progress over the rest of the season.

Kasha Bagonza: Meadows Silver

Kasha did an awesome job this month, he really focused on improving his freestyle technique and came into every practice ready to swim with a smile on his face. I love the enthusiasm he has to get in the water. 

Savannah Long: Meadows Bronze

Savannah has made strides this month on her racing skills, like her turns and her streamlines off the wall. She's always excited to be at practice!

Amelie Donald: Glenora Gold

Amelie has really made an effort this month to work hard and push herself in the harder sets. She has a lot of enthusiasm on deck and is eager to improve. She asks questions and is receptive to feedback!

Owen O'Kelly: Glenora Silver

Owen has been a lot of fun at practice this month, always eager to get in the water and work hard. His technique is improving, especially butterfly, and it's great to see!

Nisha Popoff: Glenora Bronze

Nisha comes ready to work hard at practice each day. She works hard to make the intervals during the sets and she has fun while doing it!

Alex Laphsin: iNational

Alex has worked tirelessly this month and has a near perfect attendance record. He is always focused on technical improvement and has made big strides in some key technical areas this month.

Claire Francis: Junior Championship

Claire has come into our group with a great attitude, work ethic leadership and a willingness to work at improving herself. She has a near perfect attendance record and has raced to a bunch of big best times already this season.
Claire arrives with a smile and support for her teammates everyday while showing her coaches she means business in the pool. 
We like Claire ‘Miss Fabulous’ Francis.

Meghan Berrigan: Junior Championship

Meghan has begun the year with big improvements in her best events along with being a quiet leader in the training pool. At first a bit hesitant, Meghan is now raising her goals to go along with her training expectations. A big meet in Calgary showed how much she has improved since joint the group.
Meghan brings a great sense of humour and training leadership to the JCG squad each day. We like Meghan ‘The Monster’ Berrigan!

Aidan Ludwig: Youth Development

Aidan has a great work ethic each practice and has come a long way this month with his technical skills. He works hard to improve each day. 

Kailee Crane: Provincial

Kailee had the best attendance in the Provincial group in November. Not only does she just show up to all the workouts, but she looks forward to improving her skills and tackling hard swim sets. Kailee has improved significantly in her kick and has developed into one of the strongest kickers in the group. 

Ben Forbes: Kinsmen Gold

Ben has showed tremendous improvement in his first season in the Gold group. He always bring his hard work and positive attitude to practice. Although certain skills can be challenging to execute at times, Ben will always give it his best and with a smile on his face.

Bella Hickson: Kinsmen SIlver 

Bella has made tremendous strides this month. She's pushing herself more in practice during the hard sets, and is focused on working on the technical elements to improve her stroke! Can't wait to see her progress through the rest of the season.           

Bear Birthdays!

Ashley Jackson
Rowan McEarchern
Findlay Hatfield
Savannah Long

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